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PostPosted: 15 Oct 2017, 18:33 
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Hey everyone. I have my Darker 7p.2a blade that is not currently been used and am looking to try out some long chopping pimples on the backhand as a setup.
The reason for choosing this blade is that the Darker is probably the best blade I have ever used, the blade is worn in and it can play a slow game and a fast game for variety.
I am not a pimple player by any means but am looking for some suggestions as to what long pimple rubber I should try or if I should go for inverted chopping rubber.

The characteristics I am looking for are: Heavy backspin, little to some deviation, does not interfere with forehand rubber or forehand shots, can push confidently and ball grips to bat and does not fly off of bat.

If anyone knows any suggestions I would be happy to try. BTW It's not for sale.

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PostPosted: 15 Oct 2017, 23:18 
LP Collector
LP Collector
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1) Heavy backspin

This is a function of speed of bat and angle. Any LP on the market will deliver heavy backspin, if you play the right shot. Those which are on the grippy side of the spectrum will produce more, more easily, but will also respond to incoming spin more readily. Basically, anything will do.

2) Little to some deviation

All LP will provide some degree of uncertainty - that's in their nature. Some are considered to be more unpredictable than others. But none will prevent you from playing sensible shots. Basically, anything will do.

3) Does not interfere with FH rubber/shots

I have literally no idea what this means.

4) Pushing confidently

Pushing confidently is a function of your ability to get your timing right, and your bat angle right. LP are actually quite hard to push with - the ball will tend to pop up. It takes a lot of practice. On the whole, again, a more grippy LP will make it easier for you to push with.

5) Ball grips to bat

To a degree, all LP provide some grip, but some are relatively ungrippy. Whether it flies off the bat is a function of your timing, bat angle, and touch. A faster blade will tend to make it harder to get the timing and touch right.

You don't mention how much money you have to spend. I would suggest something like Feint Long III in 0.5mm sponge, or maybe 1.0mm, as an ideal. It's one of the most grippy, and easy to control. However, it's expensive. If you want something cheap, I'd probably try Friendship 755.

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PostPosted: 12 Nov 2017, 22:12 
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I have some suggestions:

If you're a comple beginner to chopping, I'd go for something with a very soft sponge, as they're very easy to use and have a lot of control. As you're new to pips, you properly aren't willing to spend a lot of cash on the big names. If you are willing to spend money, I reccomend feint 3 or tsp curl p4, and for sponge thickness, I'd go 0.5mm as it gives more control, but 1mm is still got good control but is more deadly. I'd stay away from 1.5mm as it's to hard to play with it, and until you're a player who's mastered chopping .5/1 is great.

Now, if you're looking for the most reversal (backspin potential when chopping) you have a few options.Most Dr.Neubauer pips, such as K.O, produce a huge amount of backspin, but of course, needing the right technique.
Of course though, arguably the greatest overall pips for the chopping style, p1r are great in all aspects, reversal deception ect...

If you're looking for cheaper options, I've tried pips like sword scilla and galaxy qing, two good pimples, great for chopping blocking and have good control, but, as the price suggests, the pips can break reasonably easily if you play a lot or attack hard with the pips, but, with that said, my second sheet of scylla has lasted a while now, but the first broke in a couple of months.

Hope I helped :D :Chop: :Chop:

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PostPosted: 13 Nov 2017, 00:37 
Joo Too
Joo Too
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You need a very grippy LP like TSP P4 or BTY Feint III, in 1.0/1.1 or 1.5/1.3 thickness. Go black. All LP's will interfere with your FH shots because of the weight difference (LP's are lighter).

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PostPosted: 13 Nov 2017, 08:59 
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Globe 979 OX

Good, chopping, blocking, punching

$8 at ColesTT.com

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