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 Post subject: Re: Introduce yourself
PostPosted: 07 Sep 2018, 09:22 
Call me Shrek!
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trumpet_guy wrote:
Santa Clara

ok, I'm in Sunnyvale - haven't played much in the last 2 months, but getting back into it. Will start going back to Swan Ping Pong in 3 weeks time!


 Post subject: Re: Introduce yourself
PostPosted: 12 Sep 2018, 16:31 
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Hello everyone, my name is John. I am an engineering graduate student at Oregon State University. I picked up table tennis recently (~1.5 years ago) - one of my chinese colleagues got me into it. I am a beginner through and through. I play shakehand, I feel like I am still a beginner enough that I don't know what my style is. Oh, and I'm kinda in charge of the University's table tennis club now... long story.

Hmmm, how I found this site... You know how beginners always overthink their equipment? Well, while I was doing that I came across this forum. Been lurking for a while, now I have actual questions that I want to ask (most for the club). Thanks to the forum, I got some nice equipment when I still had a budget (now its much MUCH lower :oops: ). Glad to be here!

 Post subject: Re: Introduce yourself
PostPosted: 28 Sep 2018, 07:07 
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Hi all,

My name is Artiom :)
- I'm from faraway country called Moldova (Eastern Europe), I'm not registered to any clubs yet, just found a coach and he teaches personal classes to me. Majority of TT games I play at the office, but sometimes occasionally with my family or friends at those special places with TT courts (e.g Mall)
- Not sure exactly how long have I been playing. The first time I took TT rackets in my hands was ~8 years ago. From that time I played really (and I mean Really) Rare. Now I play a little bit more often. Plus I'm trying to maintain for the past time (~2 month) tempo of 4 TT classes per week ~6 hours long in total. I'm 26 years old.
- It's very difficult question, I start to realize that process of defining style is very complex, which may be developed/influenced by both coach and trainee. I'm looking more into defensive style (that attitude may come from other areas of life, e.g. in jujitsu I like to play more of defensive/counterattacking game) with a lot of chopping and blocking (as I find most exciting in TT those floating balls with a lot of backspin) for now, but point of view of my coach could be very different ;)
- My level in table tennis is Beginner.
- My job title is Software tester (with smallish variations from time to time)
- I practice Brazilian Jujitsu and sometimes teach classes (that sport was very new in our country, which caused another great journey of our own ways of searching development directions). I like traveling, but not that often, mostly going to other countries with my family to learn new things. Also I enjoy reading (sometimes read 'normal' books, sometimes technical literature, other times those forums about things I'm interested in (e.g. table tennis or equipment for table tennis). To be honest I also searched a source of information for table tennis (history, technique, ordered book: Table Tennis: Steps to Success by Larry Hodges, which is not shipped yet). Looks like newest hobie I found is starting different discussions with table tennis community, see example here: https://www.reddit.com/r/tabletennis/co ... ie_issues/).
- I had a break from TT practice ~for a week or so (my coach had some kind of local competition, I believe he refereed there). So for that period of time I wanted to learn new things about TT, maybe experiment with new equipment (I find personal experience, even if not that positive, very precious). That's why I bought a new setup :) Trying to keep up with that newbie style, you know ;)
Somewhere in the internet I found post in which somebody mentioned facebook group called "North Little Rock Table Tennis Group at Senior Center". I thought there could be somebody, who could give me some piece of advice regarding to my journey (please note that I'm not disrespecting anybody, I respect my coache's opinion, but just want to get the picture on TT as complete as possible)). I decided to write a direct message to owners of that groups (to ask some newbie questions). I wrote there and polite man suggested ooakforum.


 Post subject: Re: Introduce yourself
PostPosted: 30 Sep 2018, 23:35 
My Precious
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Welcome to the Ooak TT Forum Notcras & ttvoyager. TT is a great sport & this is a great Forum, read & look at plenty of YouTube footage which will help work out your style. For me the bat comes first. Get that right & then the rubbers. Good luck :up: :clap:

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See the ball, be the ball...

 Post subject: Re: Introduce yourself
PostPosted: 05 Oct 2018, 14:26 
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Hello to all,

My name is Tziphos, 45 y.o. and I am from Greece. Nice to see such a forum for table tennis, happy to be here.
I has playing TT in a club in Greece for 4 years, when I was 12-16 years old but I had to stop it, and now, ~30 years after, I started it again as a sport. Back then, I was a DEF player so I would like to continue from this point. Rules, balls, bats, rubbers style of play etc where very different back then so as I am "newbie" again and I need your help to choose the right bat. I was an intermediate player at that time.

Have a nice day :)

 Post subject: Re: Introduce yourself
PostPosted: 19 Oct 2018, 19:23 
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Hi there. HeathrowTerminal2 from UK here. Midlife crisis had me revisiting table tennis and I’d consider myself a very dedicated noob.

I’m getting coaching on the side and play maybe 6 hours a week against friends and similarly frantic and competitive office mates. Considering joining a (low) league here in London.

I’d still very much describe me as a beginner but I work hard on basics, movement, drilling vs robots and serving etc.

I am a long gone equipment junkie so these kinds of boards make me very happy.

I’d love to play you all some day.

Joola Rosskopf Emotion + Hurricane III Neo.


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