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I’m looking to purchase TSP Curl P2 OX
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Author:  MrLee [ 08 Sep 2019, 05:50 ]
Post subject:  I’m looking to purchase TSP Curl P2 OX

I’m in Austin, Texas, USA. Please let me know if you have some you’d like to sell - thank you!

Author:  hardbatpower [ 09 Sep 2019, 07:00 ]
Post subject:  Re: I’m looking to purchase TSP Curl P2 OX

To evolve this thread a bit -

I've watched MrLee play and it's pretty amazing the level of spin insensitivity he's got with the P-2. Passively blocking super spinny loops with heavy topspin don't seem to be a problem for him.

I tried it with P-2 OX and rediscovered the ability to hold my ground at the table and block any reasonable loop to my BH. Some of the blocks have backspin and some don't. I do have to close the blade angle a little.

What's fascinating to me is that P-2 has really large wide pips, that aren't particularly floppy and in fact are fairly grippy. Previously I had always been in search of the best replacement for frictionless LP and frictionless anti.

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