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PostPosted: 22 May 2018, 19:18 
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I agree with Japsican points.

In my experience with FL2 1.1 I can push a flat ball and get enough backspin on the ball to make the opponent respect it, granted you need good use of the wrist but either way the potential is there. It will never be as much as inverted, but enough for it to be significant.

This to me is what generating spin means.

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PostPosted: 22 May 2018, 21:59 
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So many variables at play. I also find some base sheets grippier on some LPs than others. And with sponge, the ball sinks past the pips, and can make contact with the base which also adds to the surface area in contact with the ball. Softer pips with softer sponge allow for the ball to make contact. However, your technique requires force to make that contact happen.

With slippery pips, or OX, because of the less grip, to push a push you need to angle more down, (more vertical bat) and push and chop toward the opponent. This will keep the ball low, but you will be sending a dead or topspin ball back at him. Let's call this a "push/chop." I do this against opponents that will let me, otherwise it's usually better to push aggressively (flat pushblocker style) or bump/hit. I mix it up depending on the situation. If I'm far back, I push/chop, if I'm at the table I tend to bump. If you do push/chop against under, it better be deep and low, but there is some deception there because the amount of spin is almost always different.
....or better yet, twiddle.

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