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DtecsS 1.2 alternative with more grip
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Author:  ChasFox [ 22 Jun 2019, 21:31 ]
Post subject:  DtecsS 1.2 alternative with more grip

I have been playing a bit thus summer with dtecS 1.2mm black on my S&T black & white blade. The high speed of dtecS works well on the controlled BH side of the blade but coming from short and medium pips I could do with a little more grip so as to create a bit of spin as a variation to just reversal or no spin.

Is there a new generation of attacking LP that has the speed of dtecS sponge but with a bit more grip. Schmerz sounds good but maybe a bit slow for my blade and all-round premium 2 in say 1.0mm could also be an option as could KO pro in 1.3mm.

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