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PostPosted: 02 Jan 2021, 03:22 
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Today we are presenting to you our review of the Long Pimple Rubber from the Dr. Neubauer Trouble Maker OX. Subtitles are in English language.

Today we are testing for you Long Pimple Rubber Dr. Neubauer Trouble Maker.

We received the test kit directly from the manufacturer and it consists of the following components:
- Long Pimple Dr. Neubauer Trouble Maker OX in red
- Dr. Neubauer Grand Master Plus
- At the forehenad we put on the Chinese DHS Skyline 2 lining on a black MAX sponge

The long pimples Trouble Maker is one of the responses of the German manufacturer to the variant of playing with plastic balls.

Trouble Maker has been designed and manufactured for players playing close to the table, not moving into further game zones. The pimples are quite soft and their tips are perforated and are quite adhesive.

This allows you to play different spin variations ranging from strong inversions to muted and empty balls.

At first impression, the trouble maker is not surprising.

It seems to be another defensive long pimple rubber that can be played correctly most defensive shots.
After 10 minutes of play, we had a completely different opinion.
After such a short time, we knew what variants of the game should be played and for whom Dr. Neubauer produced this rubber.

But let's start from the beginning - the first impressions were as if we had been playing with this cover for a long time. Game control at the same level as the popular Tibhar Grass D’tecs. Balls can be played wherever we want, you don’t need to know what of the incoming spin.

The pips are highly insensitive to opponent spin, thanks to which players who have trouble receiving services while playing trouble maker will have a very easy task.
The pimples are slow - let's be honest, it's a lot slower than most long pips for table games. They are similar with speed to the Butterfly Feint Long 2 or Yasaka Phantom 0012.

From the very beginning of the game, the effect of the ball retreating was noticeable. During a strong block and a scythe, the ball bounces on the opponent's side and experiences a braking effect, i.e. it stops in place. The stronger the rotation of the opponent, the more the ball slows down. This is troublesome for the opponent, because you must always remember to position the balls half a step closer than always. Otherwise, the opponent's shot will be late and the ball will land on the net.

The big advantage of the Trouble Maker pimples is that the balls are pushed hard. He works great in this play. It is very easy to push balls regardless of the incoming spin. The pimple is not fast so even stronger shots land in the field of play and allow you to work out a good action for the forehand attack.
Dr Neubauer Trouble maker is very effective against powerful players who use a strong topspin game.

Active Block is very tricky for the opponent. The ball has very good backspin and it is important to catch it right after it bounces on the table. Otherwise, we can give up a slightly higher lobby.

A passively blocked ball has a disruptive effect and it is difficult to tell with what spin it returns to the opponent. However, you have to be careful and cover the ball a bit more with the passive block, because the pimples tends to throw stronger balls with the lob.

A scythe played at a half distance or a distance (3-4 m) from the table has a nice backspin, but in the case of table pips, Trouble Maker is not a leader in this type of play. More surprising will be the effect of the ball slowing under the bounce on the opponent's side than the spin that the opponent will receive.

Finally, we left a cherry on the cake, a long pimples attack. After a few Trouble Maker attacks we couldn't believe it was really happening and the long pimple attack is so easy and playable.

It is definitely a phenomenon of long pimples, because we have not encountered a pimples that can be attacked with such ease, speed and above all with such efficiency.
Balls attacked with the Trouble Maker pimples fly fast, straight, but after bouncing by the opponent, they immediately go down and pull towards the net. Simply put - the ball dies or, if you prefer, immediately after bouncing from smooth rubber it goes down.
The only thing that limits the attacker with the Trouble Maker is getting a slightly higher ball on his BH. The incoming spin is not very important - although it was much easier to attack from the top spin.
This is a very big element of surprise for the opponent, because hardly anyone expects such strong and strong attacks from a player who plays with a pimple without a sponge in OX version.

To sum up - Dr Neubauer Trouble Maker long pimples is in our opinion definitely a proposition for players who like to play at the table, do not go into further zones of the game, and additionally want to lead an active defense, also attacking with the pimples.
Trouble Maker is definitely easier for the opponent when we play it at a distance or half-distance, so classic defenders should look for a different product.

We would like to thank the producer Dr. Neubauer, for providing the components for the review recording.



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