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The Future of LP at the Table
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Author:  SuperHappyFunSlider [ 21 Apr 2017, 10:13 ]
Post subject:  Re: The Future of LP at the Table

Interesting commentary guys - Great to see that some players are thinking about innovation and change even without it being put in from the top down - the ITTF sees no reason to change so I guess it's up to us.

I've recently come back to TT after a few years off and I am determined to work on the attacking LP game. I still play OX, generally on the backhand, but many of my training drills are around opening with the LP against long pushes, and sideswipe opening against no-spin long.

What I have found is that this is the ONLY way to be able to keep pace in a match with the pros/top level players. the moment I hit a slow push, or I do a high block, they control the point and it's all over. an active shot CAN create pace and CAN create a very uncomfortable return for players of almost any standard.

I'm going to speak to one or two of the coaches and see if we can get a video up on the technique, as there is certainly nothing out there for us!

Author:  Robot Blocker [ 22 Apr 2017, 03:22 ]
Post subject:  Re: The Future of LP at the Table

Def-attack wrote:
I don't either think that spin reversal is the answer, by dynamics in germs of speed and placement might be it. When I look at 18 year old Frictionless anti-player of Luxembourg Ademir Balaban in this game, it is clear that he uses a fast tempo with many twiddles and direction changes to get his opponent off balance. After a couple of sets his opponent is more adapted to the game and you can see clear patterns, but still he finds no way out of Ademirs chains, he is trapped. A very interesting and modern way to use a less grippy rubber. Notice how Ademir turns his bat almost upside down to be able to use FH rubber on BH side without twiddeling:


Really interesting to watch, thanks.

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