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PostPosted: 22 Mar 2018, 03:22 
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I'm playing in a doubles tournament at work, paired up with a "normal" double-inverted attacker. We did well in the round-robin stage and have gotten reasonably adept at not getting in each other's way, though we dropped a couple of matches against teams composed of players that we can both individually beat. I think our strategy needs work.

One common issue we that we've run into and are working on is a situation where I'll do a really wristy FH push with heavy backspin, the guy on the other team will do a 'flat' push and pop the ball up to our BH corner with reflected backspin from my push, and my partner will either BH loop or step around to FH loop and put the ball violently into the net because the 'flat' push looks like a no-spin ball rather than a backspin ball to him.

The other more general issue that we run into is that neither of us can set up our normal third-ball attacks with any real consistency - he'll serve and we'll get a return that he would attack if he were playing singles but I'm kind of stuck pushing because I can't BH loop with pips (and I don't really twiddle in rallies), or I'll serve and get a return that I would step around and attack if I were playing singles but he ends up BH pushing because he instinctively doesn't like leaving so much open table. Or, I'll use my backhand serve (still working on the reverse pendulum - it's not consistent enough to use in a match yet) and get a return to my wide FH that I would like to attack if I were playing singles, but he isn't expecting the ball to come there and end up FH blocking rather than looping.

Also, it seems like I never get a chance to really chop in doubles matches, which is kind of unsatisfying though I could live with it if we were blowing people off the table.

Any tips on how to be effective as a 'mixed' team would be appreciated!

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PostPosted: 22 Mar 2018, 06:52 
Bytes worse than his Bark
Bytes worse than his Bark
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I would have thought that doubles would give you more time and opportunity to twiddle.

Do you signal serves to each other? That might help with a more expected return for the 3rd ball attack and for you to twiddle so that you can loop on your backhand.

See other thread about serving so that the opposition will attack (but walk the fine line that they can't attack really well) - dunc's blog Learning to play: as a modern defender.

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PostPosted: 22 Mar 2018, 07:54 
I am Legend
I am Legend
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What retriever said.
but basically you need to talk. You need to tell him what to serve for your 3rdball. He needs to tell you what to serve for his 3rdball.

Doesn't need to be complex. Just have to agree on the expected shot for at least your 3rd and maybe your 5th

Chasse Patate

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