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Compact and efficient style, longevity
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Author:  Bobv [ 29 Jun 2020, 06:34 ]
Post subject:  Compact and efficient style, longevity

Looking at ways to make my stroke/style more efficient and compact with the idea of playing for a long time.

I look at some of the older table tennis players and wonder what can I glean from their styles to apply to my own. I am a double inverted player and now play mid distance. So, within those boundaries I would like to minimize my stroke and make my movements efficent and compact. Any suggestions of players that might work along those lines? Of course, I look to Samsanov and Boll as older players who do very well, however they also spend time on physical training outside of table tennis, which I also do.

My current schedule is weight train and movement prep three days a week, and then play table tennis three days a week on alternate days. So far, so good. I have started working on imbalances that have come from table tennis (and other right handed activities) by doing cable waist rotations to the left, or opposite side I play table tennis on.

In addition, I do not lift weights, or make a forehand stroke where my forearm goes above my shoulder (to prevent impingement). I used to have shoulder pain quite often, but this has stopped it. I consider this forehand stroke to be more compact, but just as effective (for me at least) as when I would take a higher stroke.

Any ideas along this line, or players who you think have compact yet effective styles suited toward longevity would be appreciated, or any other ideas. BTW, of course I know that using long pips and staying at the table minimizes movement and affords older players (not just, of course) opportunities to stay in the game longer, I am speaking from a double inverted rubber idea. Thank you!

Author:  man_iii [ 06 Jul 2020, 07:02 ]
Post subject:  Re: Compact and efficient style, longevity

As you age, it is your tendons that tend to flare-up and your joints that are affected and complain the most.

Focus on tendon strengthening exercises, and more rest, relaxation to compensate. Massage and acupuncture and good diet will help a lot probably. Staying active will be much more important and take up most of your time as you cannot output the maximum and recover easily or quickly.

Add dynamic and plyometric stretches as a good habit and routine to keep the muscles, joints and tendons flexible and mobile. Probably schedule 5 mins every hour just for these good habits.

Author:  BRS [ 06 Jul 2020, 09:41 ]
Post subject:  Re: Compact and efficient style, longevity

Nobody does compact and efficient like Liu Shiwen. https://youtu.be/JNrTcKE7_08

Author:  Silver [ 07 Jul 2020, 09:23 ]
Post subject:  Re: Compact and efficient style, longevity

If you're after longevity (eg, decades), the most efficient style is by far a block/hit/smash game. Pips optional.

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