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 Post subject: Dr. Neubauer ABS 3
PostPosted: 02 Aug 2022, 20:37 
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Blade: OSP Martin AC custom
FH: Tuttle National V
BH: Barna Super Glanti
Hi everyone !

I had the opportunity to test the ABS 3 before its release, here is my review.


The topsheet is very similar to ABS 2 Pro, very hard and slick, with very short pimples underneath. The sponge is blue, it's a totally new sponge, very different from all the other sponges from the ABS series. It's quite soft, yet compact with very strong dampening properties. Compared to the red sponge or yellow sponge from DMS Störkraft/Barna Super Glanti, It's a bit harder but much more compact. Sponge is 2.0mm thickness.


ABS series became faster and faster over the time, first with ABS 2 Evo, then with ABS 2 pro. This new ABS 3 doesn't follow the trend. It's very slow, by far the slowest of the series. Fast and heavy topspin can be blocked easily with a flat trajectory. Compared to ABS 2 Pro, the trajectory is a least as flat, but it's obviously safe to block heavy loops with it. What about the spin reversal ? It's good. It seems to be a little bit better than with ABS 2 Pro, especially when you succesfully block a loop and manage to remove all the speed of it. The ball coming back to the opponent is slow and loaded with backspin. Very hard to loop again. I need more test in this area, but at the moment I'd rate it like that (left best spin reversal): Super Glanti>Störkraft>=ABS 3>ABS 2 Pro. Very close between the 3, with a larger gap with the ABS 2 Pro. Regarding the 2 bounces block, it's easier to do than with the SG/Störkraft (in the thinnest sponge) or ABS 2 Pro. For the attacking capabilities, it's still good, thanks to the compact sponge. Not as good as ABS 2 Pro because it is slower, but there is still the possibility to put the pressure on the opponent with a side-swipe. Coming from DMS/Barna glanties, I still need a lot of adjustment in this department, because the feel, touch are not the same, and when doing side-swipe the throw angle seems very very low compared to Störkraft/SG so I'm still making a lot of unforced errors.

ABS 3 was glued to a Gerry Goriki Danshi, I'll test it with a more rigid blade in the next days to see if there's any improvement.

Dr. Neubauer ABS 3.jpg
Dr. Neubauer ABS 3.jpg [ 72.21 KiB | Viewed 326 times ]

Setup 1
Blade - OSP Martin AC custom
FH - Tuttle National V max
BH - Barna Super Glanti soft 0.8mm

Setup 2
Blade - Siam custom
FH - Rallys Redmonkey max
BH - Barna Super Glanti 0.8mm

 Post subject: Re: Dr. Neubauer ABS 3
PostPosted: 03 Aug 2022, 03:18 
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Blade: Stiga 2000 ALL '76
BH: DrN ABS2 Evo 2.3
As Rinforzando I also had a chance to test the new ABS3 in 2.0 recently and my general findings match his but I'll describe in my point of view below. I initially tested it on my old Stiga ALL blade (All+ to Off-) on which I normally play the ABS2 Evo in 2.3 since its release. I can make comparisons to ABS2 Evo and ABS2 Pro which I also tested recently but I have not tested any of the MSP antis. Here my impressions:

- ABS3 is significantly slower and little bit softer than Evo due to the softer sponge
- control is higher than Evo
- throw is lower than Evo and required a little bit of blade angle adjustments; throw is similar to Pro
- Reversal is higher than Evo; this was confirmed by my standard practice partner who knows my game and antis very well
- much easier to block than with Evo
- attacking was initially not as good since the ABS3 is slower but it seems you can go more aggressively into the ball with more margin so I think there is actually more potential here but needs to be trained more; Pro is still the king for pure attacking though
- the slower speed of the ABS3 prompted me to test it on a faster blade as well and I picked my old OSP Ultimate (7 ply Off all-wood blade); it's a good combo in terms of speed and provides more disruptive effect but I need to practice more with that combo

speed: ABS3<Evo< Pro
control: ABS3>Evo>Pro
throw: ABS3=Pro<Evo
reversal: ABS3>Evo>Pro

Stiga 2000 All '76, FH: DHS H3 Neo 2.1, BH: Dr. Neubauer ABS2 Evo 2.3

 Post subject: Re: Dr. Neubauer ABS 3
PostPosted: 03 Aug 2022, 21:00 
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FH: Rakza Z max
BH: Rakza 7 2.0
I also had the chance to try it. For me it a bit of a different story. I come from inverted rubbers. Last summer i tried to switch to anti with abs 2 2.1. But had a hard time adjusting. So i abondend the idea. This summer i got a chance to try the abs 3 to make the transition.

In the beginning it was difficult for me. I had a hard time controlling blocks and pushes. Balls would pop up or not clear the net. After a few weeks of adjusting it became a lot easier to control. For me it´s easier then the abs 2 I tried.

I tried it on a matador texa carbon. It is very good for the anti, but i didn´t like it for my FH. So i changed to a custom blade with with outer koto for anti and innerforce hinoki for FH. First tests are promising. But i´ll need some more practicing. The outer alc koto gives the anti a bit more speed. It´s a bit easier for blocking. Reversal is still fine. I yet have to meet the player who has a decent topspin and can loop two times in a row. Blocks are very difficult for opponent. Players who use less spin are more difficult for me. But i can twiddle and i have a very FH attack.

Attacking with it is done by sideswiping in both directions and gives the ball a very nasty trajectory. It´s slow though so the opponent has time to react. You can use the sidespin of opponent to do crazy stuff. I use it to set up my own attack.

i´m keeping it and will play competition with it. I´ve won against opponents i´ve never beaten before in practice. So i´m sure it will be a fun year.

Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-A405FN met Tapatalk

 Post subject: Re: Dr. Neubauer ABS 3
PostPosted: 05 Aug 2022, 23:19 
Darth Pips
Darth Pips
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Blade: DMS Deluxe Carbon
FH: Tibhar Evolution MX-P 1.9
BH: DMS Storkraft 1.6
I will also add a little here, as I had a chance to test it out as well. What has already been well said by others in comparison to the other Dr N slick antis is pretty much spot on. Still excellent control, definitely slower than the other Dr N slick antis thanks to the sponge. Matt Pimple makes an excellent point about attacking with it. While you will not overpower your opponent, you can hit it more aggressively due to the slower speed. I use the DMS Deluxe Carbon blade and I could still be aggressive with the hits without losing control.
I will compare a little to Storkraft 1.6mm sponge version, as that is what I have trained with for the past year.
In terms of reversal, Storkraft is still king. Storkraft 1.6mm is also slower than ABS3 2.0 sponge. That being said, I feel like I had more margin for error with the ABS3, both on blocking and when attacking.
Based on the blade I use and style I play, ABS3 is, in my opinion, the best Dr N slick anti available. I can double bounce the ball and get good reversal on it. Again, probably not as short and not as much reversal as Storkraft, but still good and with more consistency.
I've barely played over the summer (golf season!) but heading into the fall I think I might continue to compare results between Storkraft and ABS3. I need to figure out what suits me best with the various trade-offs of spin reversal vs speed vs consistency for my style.
Thanks go out to Carsten for giving us the opportunity to test and provide feedback. I am impressed by their commitment to the customer, and not just the elite player but also average players like me. :clap:

"The greatest teacher, failure is"
USATT Rating: 1805
Blade: DMS Deluxe Carbon
FH Rubber: Tibhar Evolution MX-P 1.9
BH Rubber: DMS Storkraft 1.6

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