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Dr Neubauer ABS2EVO
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Author:  Bulldog [ 24 Jul 2020, 18:41 ]
Post subject:  Dr Neubauer ABS2EVO

Hi Guys,
I am awaiting delivery of a new set up from Dr Neubauer with the new ABS2 EVO rubber.
I will post further periodically as soon as I resume play here in the U.K.

Author:  Rinforzando [ 30 Jul 2020, 05:22 ]
Post subject:  Re: Dr Neubauer ABS2EVO


Author:  Bulldog [ 31 Jul 2020, 03:12 ]
Post subject:  Re: Dr Neubauer ABS2EVO

First practice session last night with ABS2 EVO red 2.1 on a Matador Texa.
I am happy with my choice of blade.
When I got blocks in my playing partner reported that there was considerable reversal against top spin.
I have not yet got the blade angle right for passive blocks. Not open enough.
I am sure my fast pushing against backspin will quickly improve.
I managed to win eight out thirteen games played including the last three but relied more heavily on my forehand than usual.

Author:  Rinforzando [ 05 Aug 2020, 07:35 ]
Post subject:  Re: Dr Neubauer ABS2EVO

Any news ?

Author:  Bulldog [ 05 Aug 2020, 21:49 ]
Post subject:  Re: Dr Neubauer ABS2EVO

Playing again tonight.

Author:  Bulldog [ 07 Aug 2020, 00:31 ]
Post subject:  Re: Dr Neubauer ABS2EVO

I was far more successful using the ABS2 EVO during my second session with it.

During both 2 hour sessions I played a guy who has played with and against me for some 18 years and knows my playing style inside out.

He hits big fast loops with considerable power but knows that I can use his pace and spin to hurt him whether I play with pips or frictionless anti. He therefore tries to take the spin out of his game as much as possible.

Each session we practice for about half an hour and then play well over an hour in contested games.

Last night I started to return short no spin and under spin serves with good placement and reversal and won may points when he either missed or mistimed his third ball attack.

When he looped hard down down my backhand wing with his forehand I was able to block effectively and more consistently than during the first session. Some of the blocks were quite high and long but these seemed to have more reversal. When the blocks were short he often pushed into the net or gave me easy balls to put away with my forehand.

I had little success when I moved round to my forehand wing to try and block loops which is a tactic I employ with long pips. I think I might have been taking these too early.

I had trouble when he served longer no spin serves but will improve on these with time.

I was able to attack more during the second session with aggressive pushes and even the odd dummy loop. I was not able drive more than a couple of backhands.

Surprisingly as I get more used to the pace of the rubber I am finding that I can chop with it and it produces quit a flat trajectory. This caused a lot of disruption for my opponent.

I also had success using the rubber for slow dead tomahawk serves but these need to be used on an occasional basis.

My opponent commented just before the end of the session that I was struggling with slower highly spun loops. We set a couple up and I was able to to block these with power off the bounce. I had not tried this before but would describe the shot as potentially a winner every time. Fast flat skidding ugly!

I have tried Anti Special and Rhino before but this rubber is in a different league to those and I will continue to practice with it and nothing else at present.

Playing against 3 different opponents on Sunday.

Author:  Rinforzando [ 09 Aug 2020, 06:25 ]
Post subject:  Re: Dr Neubauer ABS2EVO

Ordered 2 sheet in 2.5mm
Hopefully I can try it next week.

Author:  Bulldog [ 09 Aug 2020, 16:50 ]
Post subject:  Re: Dr Neubauer ABS2EVO

Good luck. I am pressing on with training. It might be the New Year before our local leagues begin again.

Author:  Bulldog [ 09 Aug 2020, 23:58 ]
Post subject:  Re: Dr Neubauer ABS2EVO

I have had a practice session today against three different players.

Player 1 was a right handler who basically stays at the table and looks to use heavy under spin mixed with beautiful flat forehand drives and backhands with a bit of top. He clearly experienced difficulty when I got aggressive pushes on, although he was aware that I was reversing his under spin.
When I returned service to his forehand he was hard pressed to hit any forehand drives at all. The majority ended in the bottom of the net.
Player 2 was a left handler who very rarely uses under spin and knows how to take the spin out of his game against long pimples or frictionless anti. He confirmed that his drives when blocked back had considerable reversal and some of his follow up shots were going into the bottom of the net. Interestingly reported that the reversal became stronger with each block during a rally and that the third block gave heavy reversal.
In practice I was able to punch block his slower top spin loops. This shot is is played with a slightly closed blade and the ball has to be taken early. It creates a low skidding ball which is difficult to return.

Player 3 was not a regular opponent of mine. He is younger, faster and plays with heavy loop drives looking to attack the third ball. He uses heavy under and side spun services. We played four super games full of good rallies and the ABS 2 EVO really shone both in service return and block against heavy top spin loops. He struggled when trying to deal with fast pushes and lifted balls off the anti.

Negative issues! I still struggle with long no pin serves to the ABS which if chopped or blocked back seem to provide cannon fodder for third ball attack. I also find that my footwork has to be spot on when blocking. It is far easier to block if you are in the classical backhand position to play down the line or indeed across the diagonal. It’s not like my days with Super Block when I sometimes got rescued by the rubber when I managed to just get the bat in the way of loops.

I have the time to train with the rubber as I do not see local leagues starting any time soon.

As a footnote all four players involved in playing today currently play in what amounts to the second division of local leagues and practice regularly.

Author:  Carsten Neubauer [ 10 Aug 2020, 17:23 ]
Post subject:  Re: Dr Neubauer ABS2EVO

Hi guys,
I am glad to see that there is some interest in our new Anti-Spin rubber 'A-B-S 2 Evo', despite the difficult training conditions.

Like last year, we shall prepare some test samples of all new rubbers, including 'A-B-S 2 Evo', so whoever is interested may contact me directly by email ([email protected]).
These requests will be handled on a first come, first served basis, with some priority to players with whom we had already been in touch last year.


Author:  Bulldog [ 05 Sep 2020, 01:14 ]
Post subject:  Re: Dr Neubauer ABS2EVO

After a further hour with A-B-S 2 Evo last night I have come to the conclusion that it is at its best when used aggressively.
I can block passively and get a good degree of spin reversal from it but it shines when pushing and lifting backspin and even more so when punch blocking top spin drives.
The last mentioned shot is easy to play and send a low skidding return to opponents. I am still working on a strategy to use during match play to enable me to take the initiative.
I am still encountering a few problems with no spin balls but these are diminishing the more I get used to the rubber.


Author:  dwruck [ 13 Feb 2021, 02:15 ]
Post subject:  Re: Dr Neubauer ABS2EVO

I just tried the 1.8 version of this rubber on the DMS Deluxe Carbon blade. I will agree with the user that said it needs to be played actively. When I tried punch blocking top spin shots, and even counter hitting, it could give some nasty balls. But passive blocking, the reversal was nowhere near what I get with Scandal. My coach noticed that the blocks were more inconsistent with the Scandal. That is, some would have no reversal and some would have a decent amount. Like with other versions of the ABS, after doing some drills with it against hard loops, I could see dents in the rubber, where the sponge had absorbed the impact of the ball but not returned to its original smoothness. I think that could account for some of the inconsistency on the shots that I was getting. The control on this rubber was very good, but Scandal plays a lot better for me.

Author:  Bulldog [ 13 Feb 2021, 03:33 ]
Post subject:  Re: Dr Neubauer ABS2EVO

I have not been able to play at all since the end of October because of lockdown in the UK.
I will be using both ABS and long pips when I get back before deciding what to use ahead of our next season which I hope will start in September.

Author:  Rinforzando [ 13 Feb 2021, 06:25 ]
Post subject:  Re: Dr Neubauer ABS2EVO

I have tested it in 2.5mm on a custom blade. Control is good and that's it. it has noticeably more speed than Störkraft 1.2 or Super Glanti 1.6 with less spin reversal in passive blocking. I need to find a way to play this rubber very actively. Because if you're playing passive, the rubber isn't very good unlike Störkraft or SG wich produce nasty ball when passive blocking.

Author:  Rinforzando [ 22 Feb 2021, 19:16 ]
Post subject:  Re: Dr Neubauer ABS2EVO

Quick update. You need to play this rubber very actively and do not hesitate to be aggressive. Despite being a frictionless anti, it doesn't play like the majority of glanti (Störkraft, Super Glanti, Scandal...). Of course you can't always be passive with a glanti, but with this one, you need to constantly attack the ball whenever the opponent doesn't topspin on you. Otherwise, you'll be punished.

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