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Australia B? Australia C?
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Author:  iskandar taib [ 05 Jun 2014, 20:23 ]
Post subject:  Australia B? Australia C?

If you go to the ITTF stats page:


All countries have ONE listing under "Country", Australia has three! Anyone know why? Three competing associations? AUS B only has one tournament listed (2008 Oceania Championships in Papeete, Tahiti).


Author:  Mark_Trianor [ 24 Jun 2014, 10:54 ]
Post subject:  Re: Australia B? Australia C?

I am an unknown professional player that played for 3 Associations first > Unknown 1 (zzz) 2 (zzv) & 3 (zzw) LOL

Then I moved on to higher level > Many B Associations. About 10 of them

Only two that make sense are Vietnam as South & North and then United in 1975
United Korea team in 1991 forced by Japan I heard politics.
I also found out that that United Korea team even beat China in Women's Team

But there is no Soviet Union though there is a Russia B

Others are mistakes that have not been fixed I think

Anyway from what little I know, anybody in country can affiliate to ITTF as an Association , though there is no such precedence yet.
There is no such ITTF rule that says one association per country

Author:  rodderz [ 25 Jun 2014, 07:59 ]
Post subject:  Re: Australia B? Australia C?

It is really because Australia has so many B and C grade players

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