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PostPosted: 03 Jun 2015, 09:30 
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Our club has been buying Butterfly Centrefold 25 tables for some years. We got them because of their excellent reputation, super strong infrastructure, compact footprint when stored, and 5 inch wheels because we have a very table hostile environment. We have to store our tables in a side room three times a week after use. The tables have to be rolled out of a gym and up a cement ramp then up a wooden ramp into the storage room.

We have been having a series of problems with our tables: the lock release mechanism becomes disengaged; the long vertical locking / unlocking rods have bent; the locking mechanism has become loose and disengaged; some tables are no longer level (the area under the net is noticeably lower than the ends of the table); we sometimes have to push the ends of the table towards the net to close a gap that occurs between the two table halves; one table becomes stuck in the open position and we are unable to fold the table to roll it away.

Our club currently has seven tables. We can put up 5 tables a time. We keep two spares because of the above problems.

Is anyone else having these types of problems?
Any solutions / advice?

Thanks, John

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PostPosted: 04 Jun 2015, 03:33 
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How old are your Centrefolds? I know of several clubs that are using the old black leg Centrefolds over 10 years old with no problems.

I suspect your pushing them up and down ramps could be putting more strain on them.

Also, do you always have two people fold the tables? Having people fold the tables solo puts much more strain on the folding mechanism. Instead of a person lifting the other side, the hinge is lifting the other side.


PostPosted: 04 Jun 2015, 06:45 
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My club has eighteen C25's and they are moved 3-4 times per week from their storage closet into a nearby basketball gym where play occurs.. a trek of 50-100ft. The biggest problem these tables have is that the bolts securing the casters to the frame bend when the tables are wheeled over a bump in the floor created by a door threshold. Once the caster bolts are bent it becomes very difficult to level the tables, as well as difficult to roll them in a single direction. A related problem -- and this affects only the pre-2015 C25's -- is the caster bracket welds cracking, again caused by the impact of the tables being rolled over the aforementioned door threshold. The club solved this problem by placing a foam mat and an office chair pad over the offending bump thereby creating a padded ramp of sorts. The 2015 C25's have redesigned caster brackets and they appear much stronger, but I think the Butterfly Octet 25 tables are altogether better than even the new Centerfold 25's and I recommend those to any club that must move its tables on a regular basis.

Bent casters can be replaced but it's a PITA. My club had some cracked brackets welded, and I think BTY once provided some replacement leg assemblies (with new brackets in place) at a low/no cost.

PostPosted: 28 Sep 2018, 01:24 
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Butterfly Centrefold 25 Table does have an issue once they get older and are being opened and close many times!
Had the problem with that table in our club but I could fix it, anyone wants to know how to fix let me know and I can send the picture on how to fix it.
Mr. G

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