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Purpose of this section / Guidelines
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Author:  haggisv [ 15 Sep 2009, 07:12 ]
Post subject:  Purpose of this section / Guidelines

This is a special section for announcements, discussions and feedback between members and manufacturers, suppliers and retailers.

We don't want to turn this into an advertising space for suppliers, but instead a useful resource for our members to read about new products from manufacturers/suppliers, and have a place to discuss it with them directly. It will also be a useful section to offer feedback and your shopping experience with these suppliers.

ALL retailers may request their own dedicated section (sub-forum like the OOAK shop has), where they can announce their new goods, and members can offer feedback and discuss their shopping experiences with the retailer. The benefits to the retailer are (1) a place to announce their new products giving them more exposure, (2) show that they are reputable by openly discussing their customer service, giving buying confidence to new customers, (3) positive feedback from customers will be displayed. The benefits to members are (1) they get to hear about new products and (2) the can judge which dealers are reputable. The moderator team will decide if the request for a section for the retailer is accepted, by considering (1) the dealer is reputable and (2) they are of sufficient size to justify a whole section. I (haggisv) will exclude myself from decisions in this section, due to my personal ties with the OOAK shop.

To ensure that the retailer section does not turn into a advertising space, we have put together the following guidelines:

- tell people about themselves with a sticky at the top of their section
- announce new and interesting items in their shop when they come in
- allow people to give feedback on their service and answer questions

- tell people about their latest specials all the time, with all their special discounts/offers/vouchers, etc
- talk about pricing; interested members will check these out themselves.
- talk about your products in a section that belong to another retailer.
- try to publicly compete with other retailers anywhere is this forum

In a nutshell, please post to inform, not to advertise or spam. The moderators will monitor these sections closely. Members are encouraged to offer feedback about retailers, but if the feedback is negative it's requested that they simply state the facts of the issue, and not get emotional or abusive. This will allow the retailer to address the query and calmly state their side of the story, allowing other members to make up their own minds.

As is customary in the OOAK forum, we like to give all new members and retailers a warm welcome, and encourage everyone to treat each other with respect, and keep discussions friendly and constructive.

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