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Please suggest on equipment
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Author:  Chrisalex1135 [ 01 Dec 2020, 19:09 ]
Post subject:  Please suggest on equipment

I am using Chinese Tacky Rubber (DHS H3 Neo provincial) on Forehand with Timo boll Spirit Blade, but I am barely playing table tennis hardly practicing 2 hours in a day so it is very difficult to loop against chop while the smashes are good with this setup but it is difficult to win until I will be perfect and consistent in the opening of loops against chop,
please suggest what should I do?
should I change the setup or try to improve the technique?
Please suggest on Forehand, which will be the best Gold Arc 8, Hurricane 3 Neo, European Rubber?

Author:  keme [ 01 Dec 2020, 19:27 ]
Post subject:  Re: Please suggest on equipment

Loop against chop is perhaps the stroke that requires the most of physical effort, as well as a good technique.

H3 is perhaps the rubber which is least forgiving. Technique must be spot on.

My thoughts:
  • Keep your setup.
  • Polish your technique with loop against block first (or loop against no spin/moderate backspin if you use a robot). When you don't need "full force" your technique is easier to correct.
  • When you are consistent on these loops, you have built a "muscle memory". This serves as a reference point, from which it is easier to make the adjustment required to return a chop.

That said, every player is different. My advice lacks an important foundation: I haven't seen you play, nor how you interpret advice. Advising, like coaching, is at best a two way street.
Ask someone experienced to look at your playing. Even experienced players are biased by their own ability. An experienced coach perhaps less biased. Take whatever advice you can get, but also take it with a grain of salt. In the end you need to find your own way.

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