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Please help with my equipment
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Author:  vc15 [ 10 Jan 2021, 21:02 ]
Post subject:  Please help with my equipment

Hello, i play AN all round game and use all strokes except for the bh loop. I am good at deseptive spin shots and use that to find the opportunity to counterhit A no so good opening loop and Ball in General.
I hate catapult in rubbers and play with mendo 2.0 in fh and tachiness chop1. 9 in bh on A stiga all round classic. What is the Best choise for A little more speed in my game. A faster blade such as sanwei fextra or A sligtly Rubber and which(i find even stiga dna future very bouncy for my game)

Author:  merlin el mago [ 10 Jan 2021, 21:24 ]
Post subject:  Re: Please help with my equipment

I use also a Stiga all round classic with BH Fastarc G1 (no catapult & very linear) and FH LP so I had the same problem as you but only for the FH side to avoid the problem add 2 layers of thin varnish to the BH side of the blade to become more stiff & speed.

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