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Xu or ma. Better forehand?
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Author:  TableTennisDoc [ 04 Sep 2016, 14:55 ]
Post subject:  Xu or ma. Better forehand?

Creating the best Frankenstein for the ultimate penhold player starting with the best forehand.

One of these and why. Or maybe someone else?

Author:  kim biceps [ 05 Sep 2016, 00:36 ]
Post subject:  Re: Xu or ma. Better forehand?

! vote for Xu-xin's fh.

Author:  shaolinTT [ 05 Sep 2016, 12:30 ]
Post subject:  Re: Xu or ma. Better forehand?

I wouldn't say one's FH is better than the other's. They are just different. Ma Lin has a "better touch" for close to the table play; XX's FH is better when away from the table.

All time best penhold FH: Guo Yuehua.

Author:  violoniste18 [ 05 Sep 2016, 17:23 ]
Post subject:  Re: Xu or ma. Better forehand?

I think XX forehand is better according to the fact general level has improved everywhere, top players got musch stronger

Author:  JamesPriceTT [ 05 Sep 2016, 17:45 ]
Post subject:  Re: Xu or ma. Better forehand?

Best penhold players:
Serve - Ma Lin
FH - Xu Xin
BH - Wang Hao
Touch - Ma Lin

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Author:  TableTennisDoc [ 06 Sep 2016, 08:02 ]
Post subject:  Re: Xu or ma. Better forehand?

There are a few lines here.

Ma Lin forehand won him an olympics and ryu seung min won also both only adequate backhands. But with celluloid balls

Xu xim has the looper forehand I feel is caused by the polyball. He has the dominant forehand in present penhold.

I really struggle myself with the poly. I feel like I'm working like a dog, it dies like a shuttlecock in badminton, it's heavy and I can't get any spin on it. And I feel it was a major paradigm shift in the chinese world where wang Hao, Ma Lin, Ma liqin all left at the same time. Albeit they were old already. There is precedent for this in the chinese world where present coach Lui Giulioang also retired when the ball went up in size.

We may never see another penhold backhand dominant player like wang Hao.

Author:  kim biceps [ 06 Sep 2016, 08:18 ]
Post subject:  Re: Xu or ma. Better forehand?

Yeah I dunno the polyball is still relatively new u know, and maybe someone out there is training to be the next in line to represent the penhold players. But for now as you said only xu xin is the in the top 10 in the world with the penhold.

(I really like xu xin's footwork and swiftness btw, you can always anticipate crazy movements when you watch xu xin)

Author:  Ma_Xin [ 15 Jan 2018, 11:21 ]
Post subject:  Re: Xu or ma. Better forehand?

Ma Xin's gotta answer this :rofl:

In terms of looping technique it's no doubt XX's FH is better. It has crazy spin and he added a lot of power in recent years. Also looks very good.

ML's FH loops are not very powerful in quite a few of matches I've seen (and I've seen almost all of them.) He uses mainly his arm and he often tweaks his body to get to the ball, it looks a bit funky. He's not as athletic as XX or RSM and lacks power compared to Wang Hao.

However, his sidestep FH loop kills make up for all the above. This is the shot that he lives by. He has perfected it through practice and set it up through serves/control.

It took me a while to realize since I'm still the biggest fan of ML. WH also has a good FH actually, loads of power/spin in rallies. But he initiates attacks through RPB so most people overlook his FH.

Author:  coymanneemus [ 05 Jul 2018, 08:43 ]
Post subject:  Re: Xu or ma. Better forehand?

Personally, if we're talking exclusively about forehand, I would vote for Ryu Seung Min, and none of the players that use RPB a lot, due to their *usually* poor footwork. If I had to pick another person, I would probably go for another J-Pen/Traditional penholder that relies on footwork a lot to get forehand balls. Thinking, however, of making a "Frankenstein", there will probably also need to be a backhand. In that case, I would definitely go for Xu Xin. Like Ma_Xin mentioned, the sheer spin and variation on FH shots from Xu Xin both near the table (Amazing flicks), mid-distance (around the net shots), and away from the table (famous away from the table loops) is nothing short of impossibly unpredictable and trips up most people. This is something that Ma Lin does also with his confusing spins, but not at all to the same degree as Xu Xin. Plus, at this point, Ma Lin was never as athletically capable as Xu Xin, even in Ma Lin's prime. If you look at the first clip in the video Xu Xin - The Showman, where he plays Carvalho, Xu Xin demonstrates his amazing footwork when he steps back quickly to lob, lobs for a couple shots, and then runs around the table to get a high-spin loops, then rushes to center table and beyond in a counter-looping rally. That is something Ma Lin never did.

Whoah. Feels good to vent. :oops: :lol:

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