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Author:  pingskills [ 19 Feb 2008, 13:23 ]
Post subject:  Table Tennis video lessons

Hi all,

We have some Table Tennis video lessons available at:


Take a look and let us know what you think. We are planning to produce a DVD for sale later this year.

Edit (haggisv): I've moved you post to here, which is the appropriate sections. Cheers!

Author:  fishy [ 02 Mar 2008, 17:14 ]
Post subject: 

Hmm, some of the more advanced ones are fairly useful to rookies/near-intermediates like me! xD

Author:  yippy [ 02 Mar 2008, 21:23 ]
Post subject: 

wow after watching one of the videos I remember one of the guys there, I think it is Alois Rosario, came to my school about 3-5 years ago :shock:

Author:  fishy [ 02 Mar 2008, 22:22 ]
Post subject: 

Wow, freaky!

Author:  pingskills [ 19 Mar 2008, 12:45 ]
Post subject:  Serving Secrets Revealed

We are in the process of making our latest DVD "Serving Secrets Revealed". You can pre-order a copy now and save a massive 50%.

Take a look at http://www.pingskills.com/store_dvds.php for more information.

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