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PostPosted: 27 Apr 2020, 21:59 
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Blade: Yinhe 985
FH: Fake Tenergy 05 FX
BH: 0.4mm Sponge (Black)
I really want to know, where is the contact point for short pushes and FH, refer to the pic below.

Sorry, I'm not good at editingImage

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Setup 1 : (JPEN) Yinhe 985 + Fake Tenergy 05 FX
Setup 2 : (Defender) Joola Falcon Medium + FH Jupiter II 39 + BH Stiga Chop n Drive


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PostPosted: 28 Apr 2020, 16:46 
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Blade: DHS PowerG-9 OFF++
FH: Yasaka Rakza X
BH: Palio Thor
Universally, 6 or 10 is the sweet spot on Oval TT blades.

Jpen though is rectangular ... 13 or 14 , 9 or 10 , 5 or 6 , 1 or 2 ... so just work your way around the grid and post your results ?

Other than for service or service-returns I don't know if ball impact position will have so much variation on the quality of return. It strictly depends on your skill and training abilities right ? How effective is your loop, brushing, contact duration on the ball, etc. is 10% :lol: or 80% :clap: ... makes you different from "casual", "club", "amateur", "semi-pro", "district/state/regional/national/international" sort of player.

Backup C-pen blades:
  • TSP Black Balsa 7.0 :
    1. FH/BH-YRakza9/XOmegaVT
    2. FH/BH-TSP Spectol/Yinhe Qing OX
  • 729 Bomb C-P : FH/BH-DHS H2 Orig/DHS H3 Orig
  • TSP Versal :
    1. FH/BH-XOmegaVA/YJupiter-II
    2. FH/BH-*blank*
Fun blades:
  • Yasaka Battle Balsa(ST) : FH/BH- DHS TG2Neo/Gewo HypeXT 47
  • Dr. Neubauer
    High Technology
    ***************************** : FH/BH-YRakza7/YRakza7

PostPosted: 29 Apr 2020, 06:15 
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Goes to 11
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Actually, Japanese penhold blades come in a variety of shapes, from oval to rectangular. (So did shakehands blades, though I haven't seen a rectangular blade for a long time. They used to be more common, in the 1970s and earlier. The examples that comes to mind is the series of Dell Sweeris doing a slow loop that was used in older table tennis books.) The smaller, rounder blades (e.g. Butterfly Senkoh 5) are supposedly for close-to-the-table players while the larger rectangular ones were for people who played a little further back (or so I read somewhere). I think contact points would vary - the big thing about penhold play is that you can more easily cover the middle, since there's no forehand-backhand transition. Closer towards the front of the body you'd hold the blade vertical, further away to the forehand side the blade would be tilted, far to the forehand, the blade would be almost horizontal, and it would be horizontal with a full-extension loop. I suppose the optimal impact point would be somewhere towards the middle of the blade most of the time..

For the most comprehensive variety of Japanese penhold blades check out the Armstrong catalog (posted elsewhere on this forum).


PostPosted: 29 Apr 2020, 22:43 
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it depends on the shot you want to play for a push you want to get it as close to the edge(1,5,9 and 13) as you can and for a loop in the bottom(13,14,15,16) of the racket

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