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comparison MP - Agressor, shockwave and millitall II
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Author:  Def-attack [ 26 May 2018, 06:04 ]
Post subject:  Re: comparison MP - Agressor, shockwave and millitall II

maddrag wrote:
what kind of blade is the revolution blade ? Fast and stiffer wood give more reversal and faster ball. Slower and smoother blade =more dwell time, more control and less speed but can give more spin.

For example, my masushita offensive defense blade was very stiff. Good reversal, fast but difficult to control. The firewall plus with Balsa give much more spin, more control and slower blade. It help for hitting the ball.

Revolution has extremely short dwell time, very stiff but good control and off - in speed. Made to maximize spin reversal.

Author:  maddrag [ 01 Jun 2018, 01:42 ]
Post subject:  Re: comparison MP - Agressor, shockwave and millitall II

play 3 hours with agressor 1,3 mm yesterday. The first player was more a hitter blocker. Had a bit of problem finding the right hit. I then kind of getting better.

Than I play with a top spinner with a lot of arc but with almost no experience against pips. He got a lot of problems. For me I start to master the beast and start to return nastier block and hit. The long defense was also better and more regular. Chopping with the vertical side and with the horizontall side made different spin. The first one is more a long float and the second one is more of a heavy underspin, with different hight. The pips are morein reaction with the top spin so more difficult to control the spin. I can see myself playing different style depending of the opponent style. As soon as he get a bit a hang of my long chop I came back at the table and play counter hitting, chop block, push and punch. He got confused and miss a lot of shot. Long chop give time to the player to spin the ball. Short game don't. His mind can't get fast enough to choose the right shot.

The third one was a very fast top spinner with balls that are very low and fast. The best shot was the block with the blade pointing to the ceiling and a half closed blade. The ball return very fast, very low and with a lot of reversal. The only way he was able to return my block was by pushing the ball and than I hit the ball with my FH or pimples. It was a very strong feeling of placing the balls very fast with underspin. I was very proud.

An other shot that work well with hard top spinner is the counterhit. The first conter is more of a floater than it goes as an underspin Despite the fact that the hit seems to be a top spin. After 3 hits the ball is very heavy and the opponant hit the net all the time. So he need to go slower to counter it safely and then I can attck that ball. Very gratifying.

So I start to experiement different stroke for different player and Mp are very good for that.

Author:  maddrag [ 25 Aug 2018, 00:22 ]
Post subject:  Re: comparison MP - Agressor, shockwave and millitall II

Agressor is starting to be very popular as more video just shows up on you tube. Different strokes, slowmotion, test, review, and how to play with it with different thickness and match strategy with different blades.

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