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PostPosted: 23 Oct 2017, 02:31 
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Since the introduction of the 40 mm celluloid ball in 2004, table tennis has suffered significantly, as ITTF officials did not always take the best decisions for our sport, instituting bans that had been decided on. The 40 mm celluloid ball itself was introduced in order to acquire better TV rights. It required adaptation as to footwork and technique, but German and ITTF officials so far have failed to see that the basic position of a player, standing sideways (left foot in front of the right foot, for right-handed players) has, for play with this ball, become incorrect. Trainers are still educated as if the 38 mm ball had not been replaced. This problem affects players visibly.

Players have to be told that their balancing-hand (left hand for right-handed players) has to be held high, like in the days of the 38mm ball, between hip and shoulder, away from the body. Only this will allow having a fundamental tension in the back while standing in the basic (forward facing) position, which is needed to increase safety in the forehand, as the playing arm has to be low in tension. Besides, playing with the 40mm ball while having a basic position standing sideways will result in contacting the ball at a point which makes it impossible to exert sufficiently a forward force. This means that players instead of playing topspin with accuracy and power, will only be able to drive (as they lack the power to add spin).

As a result, many players who used to play successfully with forehand and backhand, have lost accuracy and power on both sides and have tried to compensate for this loss by using long pimpled rubbers or antispin rubbers to minimize the effect of incoming spin, which, due to the loss of accuracy and power, has become harder for them to control.

As these compensating rubbers are most often used on the backhand side, players tend to shift their basic position to favour the backhand, and this harms accuracy and power in the forehand even more.

My blade concept, however, being asymmetrical, allows contacting the ball effectively while standing face forward. Hitting straight forward is effective, as the blade will automatically close when it is moved forward; you do not have to turn the blade yourself, opening or closing it.

But to make this work, the balancing-hand has to be held high like in the 38mm days, instead of held low and close to body.

This is the way to regain accuracy and power in the forehand, as it automatically builds the necessary basic tension in the muscles of the back.

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PostPosted: 23 Oct 2017, 14:12 
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I don't get this - perhaps it's a translation issue. A few diagrams/sketches might help, I think.


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