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Re-impact TURBO blade revisited
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Author:  Bionic [ 07 Apr 2018, 06:54 ]
Post subject:  Re-impact TURBO blade revisited

My feelings about this blade have changed and feel I need to revisit it since completing my 6 Month trial.

The main factor for me is that although this is a combination blade designed to be used with different types of rubbers on either side. Eg; inverted on the fast side and pimples on the slower side.

During my six month trial that was my typical setup, inverted on the fast side with a variety of medium pimples used at different times on the slower side. If you are interested in that journey you can read about it on this forum.

I have given pimples away after more than two years of experimentation and use and have gone to inverted rubbers on both sides, so why did I do that you ask.

Well it's a long story and the clue is in my nickname that I have given myself on this forum and that is "Bionic". Last November I went under the surgeons knife again so now I have a full set of artificial joints, both knees and both hips. Although unlike Steve Austin the 6 Million Dollar man ( you older guys and gals will
know what I am talking about) the operation didn't make me '
better than I was' but they have meant that I am no longer as immobile as I was prior to surgery.

I used to stand right up at the tables and not move very well or at all making compensatory wrist movements to cover most angles on the table. Now I am learning to move again and I say learning because you have slowly build your trust and confidence in your new artificial limbs. Now that I am freed from being chained to the end of the table I have taken up the challenge of learning how to loop at the age of 65. Previously I had hardly any spin in my game and was reasonable flat hitter.

Now with inverted on both sides of my TURBO blade I am thoroughly enjoying the journey of learning how to loop and this journey has made me realise that in order for me to do justice to this blade I needed to revisit this forum and discuss the blade with my new experience and new perspective.

My current set up is Andro Impuls Power Sponge 2ml on the forehand and Andro Impuls Speed 2 ml on the backhand. Now the designer of this blade recommends using rubbers less than 1.7 ml so I have gone against his design recommendations because I felt that in order for me to learn to loop I needed a minimum of 2 ml thickness. I have heard of people looping with thinner rubbers but I doubt they would have learned the technique using them to start with.

Now I am at a very basic stage of learning how to loop so I am definitely in the novice category, but despite this I have found the TURBO blade very fast on both sides despite supposedly having a fast and slow side. I guess the rubbers I have used have evened out the speed with the added advantaged of having more control when looping with the slower side on my forehand, which is probably an unintended benefit of this blade design as I don't think Achim Rendler designed it with the intention of it being used with inverted rubbers on both sides.

In the hands of a power looper this blade would be an awesome weapon and yes Achim you were right when you said "I think you will love it" It has just taken me a while to realise it's full potential. So if you read about this blade in my 6 month trial and decided based on my opinions at that time that the blade wasn't for you you might want to reconsider that.

My blade has the 'Ships Screw' handle ( check out the pictures in my 6 month trial on this forum), which places the blade in the right angle for hitting and looping but allowances have to be made for individual technique idiosyncrasies.

The blade although thick is light because of the Balsa construction and so with inverted rubbers it is heavier is OX or rubbers under 1.7 ml were used but is not heavy when compared to many other standard blades I have used.

I have other expensive blades such as Darker P90 and a Blade By Charlie Nine which are now consigned to gather dust as I am liking and using only my TURBO. This is really something for me as people in my club got used to asking me every week what blade and rubbers are you using this week? I was a sad equipment junky.

Fell free to ask me questions if you are considering this blade, it is definitely unique and I will try to answer them as best I can.

The blade is both fast and has great control and touch on less active shots so for people with good techniques it could take you too a different level of experience.

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Author:  RohanIam [ 30 Jun 2018, 20:07 ]
Post subject:  Re: Re-impact TURBO blade revisited

Hi Bionic. I'm discussing this blade with Achim at the moment having done a lot of research, trialling and even making my own blades, over the past 6 months and coming to the conclusion a Re-Impact blade will be right for me. Having described my playing style, strengths and weaknesses as well as the Re-Impact blades I thought might be a good fit, Achim recommended the Turbo. I also told him of my various rubbers trials that has led me to my current favourites and from that he has recommended a FH and BH rubber. The BH is an inverted rubber - Victas 401 in 1.5 mm, which is a fairly hard, high spin rubber.

I'm curious as to, now after a further 3 months, how you are finding the inverted you are using. Are you still happy with it, or will you revert to short pimples?


Author:  Ruthvenz [ 30 Jun 2018, 22:01 ]
Post subject:  Re: Re-impact TURBO blade revisited

Hi Rohanlam,

Thank you for taking the time to ask for my opinion about the Turbo blade.

Firstly I haven't gone back to the 'darkside' although the temptation is always there. I have been thoroughly enjoying using inverted rubbers and my rudimentary shot mechanics are finally delivering some spin into my game.

Its absolutely amazing that you can be told something repeatedly yet fail to recognize its significance, and then one day for no apparent reason someone says the same message and suddenly the 'penny drops' and you start to make the necessary adaptions and you take a step forward.

Table Tennis is an amazing game with so many levels and I am still learning and still enjoying it despite not achieving the level I would like too.

Without knowing much about your playing style it's very difficult to know what information might assist you but I am pleased to try.

Currently I am using Andro Impulse Speed in 2 ml, on both sides. I was contemplating using 1.7 to provide slightly 'more control', but this is a subjective matter, as I have progressively adapted to the 2 ml rubbers through adjusting bat angles and correcting flaws in my stroke technique to develop more control.

In my experience a new bat and different rubbers aren't all you need to improve your game. I have been an equipment junky and it has taken me a long time to realise this but they can definitely help, provided you are prepared to learn how to use them effectively.

The Turbo blade is fast and because of this it suits playing an attacking style of game. I am a backhand dominant player and with previously using pimples my backhands were more of a punch type of shot. Now I am using inverted rubbers I am trying develop more of a brushing topspin backhand shot. So far I am told it's not too bad.

My forehand has always been less powerful and this puzzled me up until a few days ago.
I am about 6 ft tall weigh 125 lbs and a former Rugby and Rugby League player so you would expect I should be able to generate some power in my forehand.
I was having a social hit up with one of our club coaches and he started pointing out some of my technical errors. I have a look ways had trouble with something as basic as counterhitting.

Anyway after about 15 minutes I was hitting a smooth controlled shot because I had corrected my blade angle my elbow distance from my body and I was incorporating hip rotation and I was moving to hit the ball in its optimal position. The really amazing thing I learned through rotating my hips the amount of power generated was unbelievable. I think Need to cut myself a bit of slack for not doing this earlier is that I probably couldn't. Now I have 2 new hip joints to artificial knees and I am rebuilding wasted muscles I am able to do this.

My point in digressing is that it's not all about the blade or the rubbers its also about skill and technique and a willingness to take advice and experiment.

In saying all this I still love this blade and have been committed to using it for all of this year. I used to carry at 3 or 4 blades in my bag and people would ask me what I am using this week.

I might have to save up and ask Achim to make me a duplicate as I wouldn't enjoy playing as much with a different blade now, and worry about losing it or breaking it.

Forgive me for waffling on here, and I will probably have to reread your post to see if I have answered some if your queries. If I haven't I will give it another go later.


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Author:  RohanIam [ 30 Jun 2018, 23:55 ]
Post subject:  Re: Re-impact TURBO blade revisited

Hey Bionic. Thanks for the quick response.

I'm somewhat the opposite to you - predominately a FH player with a mostly defensive BH relying on punches and drives as the only offensive BH stroke. My BH loop has a lot of spin but lacks power and speed so I rely on placement and using the BH to set up a FH attack. I play close and mid-distance, not often venturing more than 2-3 metres from the table. I use normal to short strokes with a lot of forward motion. I currently use inverted on both sides of a home-made balsa-core combo blade. I've been a bit of an equipment junkie too experimenting a lot with blade designs and different rubbers. Although I actually do know it is technique that makes you a good player, it is still difficult to not look for that 'ideal' something that will instantly make you better. Some of my blades even use some of Achim's design concepts and it's all the experimenting that has led me to the decision to buy a Re-Impact blade.

I've only been playing for just on a year now, but have had 'ah ha' moments like you describe. For no apparent reason, something just clicks and makes sense. I've made big improvements quite recently over a short time through some simple and small changes suggested to me by a fellow club member. They were the same things my coach had been trying to get through to me for months. It's like being a kid that won't listen to a parent but when someone else tells them the same thing ... :)

Your description of the Turbo's attributes and the way you are using it has helped. I think I'll trust Achim's assessment of the best of his blades for me and go for the Turbo, although I may continue to experiment with rubbers. Let's face it, it's fun ;-)


Author:  Ruthvenz [ 01 Jul 2018, 07:22 ]
Post subject:  Re: Re-impact TURBO blade revisited

Hi Rohanlam,

For someone who has only been playing a year you have already exhibited the telltale signs of Table Tennis addiction. The fact that you have made blades and now sought Achim's advice shows that you have quickly gained an understanding of some intricate and specialized knowledge.

Not everyone gets the bug to delve so deeply as I come across players who just play with any stock standard blade and don't know much about blade composition, rubbers, sponge thickness, but somehow play fantastically.

However many of my friends are the same as us constantly seeking that special something to give us an edge. I think that this is a good thing but I was told 10 years ago just to use.one bat and get to know it well. Guess I am just a slow learner or damned stubborn.

I agree with you that experimenting is fun although I have to admit I am very happy with my current set up. I have heard that with the advent of the plastic ball many players are moving towards slower blades (Allround - Offensive) to get more control and consistency.

A friend was showing me one of the latest Butterfly catalogues where Butterfly only make 4 different all wood blades now. This seems to buck the trend as the majority of their blades are now incorporating Carbon or Aralyte material.

This might be a marketing ploy as these types of blades are much more expensive.
Anyway Achim is undoubtedly a master of his craft and has made the Turbo blade which has great touch and feel while also capable of generating speed ( a blade with gears).

So are you going to get shipscrew handle design that I have?

Keep having fun!

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Author:  RohanIam [ 02 Jul 2018, 17:51 ]
Post subject:  Re: Re-impact TURBO blade revisited

Hi Bionic.

Yes, I am a bit of TT addict and for me that means attempting to understand all aspects of the game, including the technical side. I think I find the learning as much fun as the doing. That said, there will come a time when I think I have enough knowledge, and the best equipment (for me) and will then put all my energies into the game itself.

I'm uncertain about the ship's screw handle, having not tried one. I have only tried FL, AN and ST (both round and square) and definitely prefer ST (either) to the others. My understanding is that the SS handle type is more suited to smaller hands and I have quite large ones. I'm also not sure I want the handle setting my initial blade angle for me, although I do tend to open it slightly through the FH stroke.

I can't even find images of the handle type on the web. Do you have a photo of yours you can post?


Author:  Ruthvenz [ 03 Jul 2018, 07:11 ]
Post subject:  Re: Re-impact TURBO blade revisited

Hi Rohanlam,

If you go to my earlier posts about this blade, you will see photos under the topic Turbo Blade Six Month Trial. It is a valid point that you make about the handle setting the angle of the blade and it does take some getting used to just as anything that is different requires a period of familiarisation.
Perhaps you could talk that over with Achim to find out his reasoning for its design.


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Author:  RohanIam [ 03 Jul 2018, 15:06 ]
Post subject:  Re: Re-impact TURBO blade revisited

Thanks Bionic. Interesting looking handle. Now you have inverted on both sides have you tried twiddling? One of the design features of Achim's blades is that when you twiddle and change from position 1 to position 2 (faster side to slower side), you also grip the blade closer and increase control. I'm wondering how the ship's screw handle facilitates this (or does it 'fight' it?) and how comfortable it feels in the twiddled position.

I'll definitely ask Achim his view on the handle benefits, or otherwise, for my playing style.

Thanks again. It has been a great read.

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