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REVIEW: Re-Impact Dream 2019 by Tommy Zai
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Author:  Tommy Zai [ 07 Nov 2019, 10:16 ]
Post subject:  REVIEW: Re-Impact Dream 2019 by Tommy Zai

DREAM 2019 Blade by RE-IMPACT

I picked up the new Dream 2019 blade by Re-Impact, and once again I am excited and impressed. This time I opted for the medium size with a standard straight handle. The screw handle is a fantastic grip aid, but I plan to work on my twiddling, so . . . I went with the ST version.


Placing the order was simple, but took a little time as there are many options. I went with the following:
Size & Versions: Medium (160mm L x 162mm W)
Handle: Straight
Measurements of Hand: (There is a detailed list of points to measure, e.g., length of the forearm, joint up to wrist, etc.
Sealing: Standard, Noble Natural, Nobel Mahogany. I went with Standard.
Hand: Right or Left. I'm Right.
MPC: KSLS system notches in the handle. Regrettably, I didn't get this feature.

Add to Cart and PAY UP!

Arrived promptly in a securely wrapped box with an invoice. Thankfully, customs didn't hold this package long. First glance . . . Symmetrical. Thick. Light. The craftsmanship is outstanding. Wings are smooth, and overall finish is complete . . . no need for me to detail this blade as I often have to do. As expected, it's a thick balsa core blade with a mysterious outer layer.

Speed: As per the blade description, “This special competition wood has "two levels of play, which can only be activated by turning the competition wood 180.” I found this to be true, but in comparison to my other Re-Impact blades, I would say Dream 2019 does not have distinct gears. Instead, it’s smooth like butter. The more energy a player puts into it, the more a player gets out of it. There’s no obvious jump in speed . . . just a great feel throughout play, whether it be light touch shots, heavy hits , or anything in between.

Control: As with most lightweight balsa-type blades, Dream 2019 has a bit of a bounce/catapult effect; yet, it maintains excellent control. This is partly due to Re-Impacts impressive design that boasts remarkable feedback (talk) through the handle and into the hand.

Spin: Good spin and disruption without being at the mercy of spin. Usually, there's a trade off. i.e., generate good spin = susceptible to incoming spin. However, in this case, it's generates outgoing, but is resistant to incoming. This is quite impressive and useful, especially in this poly ball age. I felt a little more rotation in my services. The blade seems to swing down swiftly.

Overall Rating: I would rate Dream 2019 as ALL+.

The tempo of play is easily controlled by the player, and it does seem to help neutralize opponent’s spin and disruption . . . it helps disrupt an opponents disruption. Yet, of course, this is also highly dependent upon the type of rubbers you’re using. Pushing (up close) and chopping (off table) seems to have a sinking effect. My first attempts landed in the net, but I soon after learned how to control my undercuts, and the results were good. ;-) I'm sure a more skilled chopper would reap greater benefits! I'm not a looper, but I do use a bit of topspin. I am not qualified to rate this or any blade for looping. My guess is . . . dedicated loopers look elsewhere, and all others look no further! This blade has you covered.

Note: I glued up Victas 401 on FH and Grass DtecS on BH. In my demoing (about 4+ hours), I never felt out-of-control. At the risk of sounding like a guru, the blade and I were one. ;-)

Dream 2019 is versatile, satisfying, and feels sweet in the hand. It’s not for everyone, as it boasts a thick (12mm), lightweight design (60g+), but if you play up close and/or mix it up at mid-distance. . . with pips on at least one side . . . it just might be your dream blade. It might be mine favorite so far. I’ll let you know after a few more rounds.

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