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PostPosted: 30 Jun 2021, 14:30 
Manufacturer: RE-IMPACT

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Regarding Rapier 44, special wood Rapier 66, Hyperion, Preference, Dream, Smart, Hydra,

It is also advantageous to play the club blade exactly the other way round, so that the cuts in the handle point towards the fingers. This is even more effective when playing only pimples on both sides of the forehand and backhand, because pimple players may prefer a more direct playing style of short pimples. Since the blade itself has a crossed hypotenuse, it also turns out much more direct when played the other way with different pimple necks of short pimples and long pimples, because the asymmetrical blade shape could well help determine this play of the other asymmetrical arc by inverting the hitting surfaces with other playing characteristics such as over-centre playing characteristics.

However, this is also something that can only be evaluated very much depending on the player himself. Since the rotation can only minimally change and increase the tempo values of the forehand and backhand, pimple players sometimes have a better hand feel than vice versa, precisely because the conditions for pimple play can be improved on both sides. Especially offensively oriented players should test this possibility and also play this way sometimes in the 2nd level of play.

As already mentioned, crossing the hypotenuses has no disadvantages, because the directional division forehand faster and backhand slower can be more advantageous, especially with pimples on both sides, because the straightness increases in the 2nd level of play if both hypotenuses have the same divisions and thicknesses in the respective positions.

A cross hypotenuse (X) of identically crossed plies can therefore be rotated as desired in terms of wood. Therefore, the forehand will always be faster than the backhand, no matter how the racket is rotated, but with changed directness values on the second playing level or more indirect playing behaviour on the first playing level if the playing surfaces are identical on both sides.

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PostPosted: 30 Jun 2021, 15:00 
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What's this post about?

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PostPosted: 30 Jun 2021, 18:32 
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Aurelian wrote:
What's this post about?

It is about the constructional features and playing characteristics of some of Achim Rendler's (ReImpact) blades, built with a kind of "asymmetric rigidity".

With handshake grip, the handle is a bit slanted from the axis of the whole "striking implement" (arm-hand-racket). By slanting the fiber direction of veneers in the blade accordingly, you can (supposedly) have a dual stiffness racket by simply twiddling.

I cannot say whether this is the exact workings of the technology, but that is how I envisioned it from the explanations given. Achim's post here seems to describe a further development of this.

However it works below the hood, for me as a player it does work. I can attest to that.

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