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Blade for Zhao zihao style
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Author:  dAbandit0 [ 12 May 2021, 01:32 ]
Post subject:  Blade for Zhao zihao style

I started playing a few months ago at home with my dad who has had training before in the early 90s although I do plan to join a club once they open up I bought a yinhe n11 s Cpen with 38 hardness h3 neo on the forehand and focus 3snipe on the backhand as I was interested in the offensive style but wanted to further see what my style was. After playing for a while I realized that I tend to play an all out attacking style with a lot of Rpb attacks very similar to Zhao zihao my strokes are quite similar but my footwork isn't quite there yet. My rubber and edge tape is getting a bit beat up and it is starting to lose its tack even though I clean it every day. My dad is starting to get decent at blocking and counterlooping and I am starting to find my setup a little slow for my style of playing. I hated the h3 neo at first but once I learned how to loop properly I absolutely loved the h3 neo so I plan to stick with h3 neo but in a slightly harder 40 hardness and switch to palio ak47 yellow for my Rpb. What would be a good cheap blade for me?

Author:  ddoocc [ 15 Sep 2021, 16:38 ]
Post subject:  Re: Blade for Zhao zihao style

Zhao zihao is currently using Donic ovtcharov true carbon, it is a Viscaria like blade but much cheaper.

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