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Impressions of the Dawei S. Matz!
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Author:  Der_Echte [ 09 Jan 2009, 05:55 ]
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Speedplay, it would be in your best interests to order a pair of ballistic glasses and some kevlar undergarments to protect your sensitive areas. You will be in dire need of the equipment to protect yourself from my finishing shots during the training, or those of your female counterparts you spoke so highly of at Wotan at the pub after the match. Call the Goteborg Volvo factory and make a special Der_Echte incentive. I get the car for Thousands off list price and you get to try pounding me with your offensive arsenal. I still haven't seen any of your TT graveyards yet, nor any extended video footage. Come on my friend, a cheapo digicam that can take 10 minutes of 320 pix video can be had for the price of two bottles of Who Hit Jack.

Author:  RebornTTEvnglist [ 09 Jan 2009, 15:48 ]
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Don't worry about it Der, as long as YOU have your vid setup to show the encounter between you two when it happens, thats all that matters.

And as for the Volvo buying, I thnk I would offer them about 15-20K off list price, walk away and see what they say. However, for the fact that you are making a special trip to Sweden for it, they might just figure you're keen enough that you will help bolster their profit margins.

A friend of mine bought a new Rav4 during last year. List price on these would be 40k+ and they got it for 30K!! And that was without too much haggling. Just putting up the offer and walking away. The phone call came back and said "deal"!

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