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Blade Composition List
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Author:  rokphish2 [ 22 May 2009, 16:58 ]
Post subject:  Blade Composition List

This is the index of the composition of blades sorted by brands. If you know the composition of your blade, please post it in this thread, and help make this the most comprehensive list on the net!Admin...

Please feel free to comment if there's any mistake and also please add to this list with what you know...

Adidas V1.3: hinoki-awan-kiri-awan-hinoki
Adidas Avenger Carbon: walnut-tanne-carbon-ayous-carbon-tanne-walnut
Adidas Avenger 5: walnut-tanne-ayous-tanne-walnut
Adidas Avenger 7: walnut-ayous-tanne-ayous-tanne-ayous walnut
Adidas Challenge Speed 7: ply limba-ayous-ayous-ayous-ayous-ayous-limba

Andro C. Suss Hinoki All+ = hinoki - ayous - ayous - ayous - hinoki
Andro C. Suss Hinoki Off = hinoki - ayous - ayous - ayous - hinoki
Andro Kinetic ALL+ = limba - limba - abachi - abachi - limba - limba Note: abachi = ayous. And yes, Andro Kinetic ALL+ is 6-ply !!
Andro Kinetic Supreme Z-Fiber/Hinoki Off-: Hinoki-Zlf-Ayous-Kiri-Ayous-Zlf-Hinoki
Andro CS7 Pro OFF: 7 Ayous Furniere (alle gleich dick) CS=Christian Süss
Andro CS7 Tour OFF: Limba-Ayous-Ayous-Ayous-Ayous-Ayous-Limba
Andro CS7 Velocity OFF+: Hinoki-Ayous-Ayous-Ayous-Ayous-Ayous-Hinoki

Armstrong Tactic: Nussbaum - Limba - Abachi - Limba - Nussbaum

Avalox BT555 : limba - spruce - ayous - spruce - limba
Avalox P500: koto-spruce-ayous-spruce-koto
Avalox P700: limba-meranti-ayous-ayous-ayous-meranti-limba

Banda Waldner: Limba-Spruce-Abachi-Spruce-Limba
Banda Offensive: Limba-Spruce-Abachi-Spruce-Limba

Butterfly Adolescen: limba-limba-ayous-limba-limba
Butterfly All Hinoki 5: Kiso-Hinoki
Butterfly All Hinoki 7: Kiso Hinoki
Butterfly Amultart: hinoki-zlz-kiri-zlc-hinoki
Butterfly Balsacarbo X5: basswood-carbon-balsa-carbon-basswood
Butterfly Defence II: willow-willow-willow
Butterfly Gergely Alpha: cypress - carbon laminate - kiri - carbon laminate - cypress
Butterfly Gergely Tamca 5000:cypress-carbon laminate-balsa-carbon laminate-cypress 7.0mm
Butterfly Innerforce ALC: limba - limba - alc - ayous - alc - limba - limba
Butterfly Innerforce ZLC: limba - limba - zlc - ayous - zlc - limba - limba
Butterfly Innerforce ZLC: limba-limba-zlc-ayous-zlc-limba-limba
Butterfly Jonyer-Hinoki: 5 ply all hinoki
Butterfly Joo Se Hyuk: planchonello-poplar-kiri?-poplar-planchonello
Butterfly Jun Mizutani: limba-zlc-limba-kiri-limba-zlc-limba
Butterfly Kazan: hinoki-walnut-balsa-walnut-hinoki
Butterfly Keyshot Light = ayous - arylate - kiri - arylate - ayous top ply uncertain whether ayous or koto
Butterfly Kim Taek Soo: hinoki 10.3mm
Butterfly Kong Ling Hui: koto-spruce-ayous-spruce-koto
Butterfly Korbel SK7: Limba - Abachi - Abachi - Abachi - Abachi - Abachi - Limba
Butterfly Kreanga Carbon = hinoki - ULC - kiri - ULC - hinoki
Butterfly Liu Shiwen: limba - limba - zlf - ayous - zlf - limba - limba
Butterfly Maze Passion : Limba - Glasfiber - Spruce - Abachi - Spruce - Glasfiber - Limba
Butterfly M. Maze: limba-arylate/carbon-limba-ayous-limba-arylate/carbon-limba
Butterfly Oh Sang Eun = koto - koto - ayous - koto - koto
Butterfly Primorac: limba-limba-ayous-limba-limba
Butterfly Primorac Carbon: cypress - carbon laminate - kiri - carbon laminate - cypress
Butterfly Pter Korbel: limba-limba-ayous-limba-limba
Butterfly Photino: hinoki-zylon-kiri-zylon-hinoki
Butterfly Schlager Carbon: cypress - carbon laminate - balsa - carbon laminate - cypress
Butterfly Schlager Precision : Koto - Spruce - Abachi - Spruce - Koto
Butterfly Timo Boll Spirit: koto-arylate/carbon-limba-kiri-limb-arylate/carbon-koto
Butterfly Viscaria: koto-ALC-balsa-ALC-koto
Butterfly Zhang Jike (Blue Dragon): koto-ALC-limba-kiri-limba-ALC-koto
Butterfly Zhang Yining: limba-limba-ayous-limba-limba

Cornilleau Hinotec ALL+ = hinoki - limba - ayous - limba - hinoki
Cornilleau Hinotec OFF- = hinoki - limba - ayous - limba - hinoki (just different thickness compared to ALL+)
Cornilleau Hinotec OFF = hinoki - limba - kiri - limba - hinoki
Cornilleau Hinotec OFF+ = hinoki - carbon - kiri - carbon -hinoki

Dawei GTS: hinoki-arylate/carbon-ayous-arylate/carbon-hinoki
Dawei Wavestone: limba-arylate/carbon-ayous-arylate/carbon-limba

Donic Alligator Combi:limba-acajou-balsa-abachi-ash 6mm
Donic Appelgren Allplay: limba - limba - ayous - limba - limba
Donic Appelgren Dotec Control: Limba-Dotec-Ayous-Dotec+Balsa-Ayous-Dotec-Limba
Donic Baum Sawtec: ayous-ayous-ayous-ayous-ayous 7mm
Donic Burn All+: mahogany - awan - kiri - awan - mahogany
Donic Burn Aratox: Koto-Kiri-Aratox-Kiri-Aratox-Kiri-Koto
Donic Burn Aratox RS: Mahagoni-Kiri-Aratox-Kiri-Aratox-Kiri-Mahagoni
Donic Burn Carbotox: Mahagoni-Kiri-Carbotox-Kiri-Carbotox-Kiri-Mahagoni
Donic Burn Off-: mahogany - awan - kiri - awan - mahogany
Donic Burn Off: mahogany - awan - kiri - awan - mahogany
Donic Carbo System Off: Koto-aramid/carbon-Ayous-Kiri-Ayous-aramid/carbon-Koto
Donic Defplay Senso : Anegre + Gabon + Basswood + Gabon + Anegre
Donic Defplay Classic Senso: Koto-Ayous-Balsa-Balsa-Ayous-Koto
Donic Dicon: limba - spruce - ayous - spruce - limba
Donic Dima Sawtec: koto-kiri-kiri-kiri-koto 6.3mm
Donic Liping Kitex: kiso hinoki-ayous-texalium-kiri-texalium-ayous-kiso hinoki
Donic Opticon RS: beech-ayous-balsa-ayous-beech
Donic Persson Carbotec: koto-carbon/glass-tanne-kiri-tanne-carbon/glass-koto
Donic Persson Dotec Off: Hinoki(0,6mm)-Dotec-Koto (0,6mm)-Dotec-Balsa (5mm)-Koto (0,6mm)-Dotec-Hinoki (0,6mm)
Donic Persson Exclusive Off: limba-koto-balsa-koto-limba
Donic Persson Powerallround: Limba-Limba-Abachi-Limba-Limba
Donic Powerplay = koto - foil - ayous - ayous - ayous - foil - koto
Donic Waldner: Limba-Spruce-Abachi-Spruce-Limba
Donic Waldner Allround : Limba-Limba-Abachi-Limba-Limba
Donic Waldner Diablo Senso: Limba-Glasfiber-Ayous-Glasfiber-Limba
Donic Waldner Dicon: Limba-Spruce-Abachi-Spruce-Limba
Donic Waldner Dotec AR: Limba (0,6mm)-Dotec-Limba (0,6mm)-Dotec+Balsa(4,5mm)-Limba (0,6mm)-Dotec-Limba(0,6mm)
Donic Waldner Dotec Carbon: Limba(0,6mm)-Limba(0,6mm)-Carbon-Balsa-CarbonLimba(0,6mm)-Limba(0,6mm)
Donic Waldner Dotec Hinoki: kiso hinoki - kiso hinoki - kiso hinoki
Donic Waldner Offensiv (40): Limba-Spruce-Abachi-Spruce-Limba
Donic Waldner Senso Carbon: Limba-Limba-Carbon-Ayous-Carbon-Limba-Limba
Donic Waldner Senso Ultra Carbon: Limba-Abachi-Carbon-Abachi-Carbon-Abachi-Limba
Donic Waldner V1/V2 : Limba-Spruce-Abachi-Spruce-Limba
Donic Wang Xi Dotec Control Plus: Limba(0,6mm)-Ayous(0,6mm)-Dotec-Kiri(3,5mm)-Dotec-Ayous(0,6mm)-Limba(0,6mm)

DHS H-WL: limba-meranti-ayous-meranti-limba
DHS Hurricane Hao: koto-spruce-ayous-spruce-koto
DHS Hurricane King: koto-spruce-ayous-spruce-koto

Galaxy/Yinhe Arbalest Thor: limba - carbon - balsa - carbon - limba
Galaxy/Yinhe Bogen: American Hinoki-Carbon-Kiri-Carbon-American Hinoki
Galaxy/Yinhe Lanze: limba - carbon - balsa - carbon - limba
Galaxy/Yinhe M-4: limba-limba-ayous-limba-limba
Galaxy/Yinhe Speer: limba - carbon - balsa - carbon - limba
Galaxy/Yinhe T10: cypress-carbon-balsa-carbon-cypress
Galaxy/Yinhe T11: limba-carbon-balsa-carbon-limba

Hallmark Aurora: Limba-Nussbaum-Balsa-Abachi-Koto

Hunter Hawk: poplar-bass-poplar 4.3mm

Joola Chen Weixing: limba-koto-black cloth-kiri-black cloth-koto-limba
Joola Falcon Medium: 5 plies Ayous, Ayous, Tungwood, Ayous, Ayous
Joola Fetzner Carat: Mahagoni-Mahagoni-Fichte-Mahagoni-Mahagoni
Joola Fever: limba-carbon meliorate-ayous-kiri-ayous-carbon meliorate-limba
Joola K5 : limba - limba - ayous - limba - limba
Joola Rosskopf Fire ( alt ): Limba - Limba - Abachi - Limba - Abachi - Limba - Limba
Joola Rosskopf Force: hinoki-carbon-kiri-carbon-hinoki
Joola Trix Fast: cypress-spruce-x (balsa/carbon)-spruce-cypress
Joola Trix Medium: samba-enzo-lilac-samba-enzo-samba
Joola Wing Fast: hinoki-ayous-kiri-ayous-hinoki
Joola Wing Medium: koto-ayous-kiri-ayous-koto

LKT Ayous Hinoki: Ayous-Hinoki-Ayous-Hinoki-Ayous
LKT Instinct: Ayous-Basswood-Ayous-Basswood-Ayous

Nexy Color: hinoki-spruce-ayous-spruce-hinoki
Nexy Spear: limba- spruce- ayous- spruce- limba

Nimatsu Tsunami Combi Attack: 0,6mm limba - 2,0mm balsa - 6,0mm balsa - 2,0mm balsa - 0,6mm ayous

Nittaku Acoustic: limba-limba-tung tree-limba-limba
Nittaku Clout: 5 ply Kiso Hinoki
Nittaku Ludeack: limba-ayous-ayous-ayous-ayous-ayous-limba
Nittaku Rutis: walnut-GCarbon-limba-GCarbon-walnut (G-Carbon = Glassfibre impregnated with carbon resin, no weave. Shatters. Caution: sharp splinters.
Nittaku Septear: 7 ply all hinoki
Nittaku Violin: white ash-white ash-kiri-white ash-white ash
Nittaku Wang Nan: koto-spruce-ayous-spruce-koto

Stiga Allround Classic: limba-ayous-ayous-ayous-limba
Stiga Allround Evolution: limba-ayous-ayous-ayous-limba
Stiga Clipper: limba-ayous-ayous-ayous-ayous-ayous-limba
Stiga Ebenholz NCT V: ebony-spruce-ayous-spruce-ebony
Stiga Energy Wood: limba-ayous-ayous-ayous-limba
Stiga Intesity NCT: walnut-spruce-abachi-spruce-walnut
Stiga Offensive (ca. 1982-1986 ): walnut-spruce-abachi-spruce-walnut
Stiga Offensive Classic Old: koto-spruce-ayous-spruce-koto
Stiga Offensive Classic New: (black walnut/limba)-spruce-ayous-spruce-(black walnut/limba)
Stiga Offensive Evolution : walnut-limba(colored red)-abachi-limba(colored red)-walnut
Stiga Tube Offensive: limba-ayous-ayous-ayous-limba

Sword V6: Limba-Ayous-Ayous-Ayous-Limba
Sword V8: Koto-Hinoki-Ayous-Hinoki-Koto

Taico 80 : Limba - Limba - Abachi - Limba - Limba
Taico 100 : Hinoki - Rosewood - Abachi - Rosewood - Hinoki
Taico 300 : Limba - Walnut - Abachi - Abachi - Abachi - Walnut - Limba

Tibhar Charly Roesch : Abachi - Abachi - Abachi - Abachi - Abachi - Abachi
Tibhar Furious: limba-ayous-limba-ayous-limba-ayous-limba
Tibhar Inca: hinoki-aramid carbon-kiri-aramid carbon-hinoki
Tibhar IV-L: ayous - ayous - ayous - ayous
Tibhar IV-L Light Contact: ayous - ayous - ayous - ayous
Tibhar Lebesson 5 ply, Limba, Spruce, Ayous, Spruce, Limba
Tibhar Lucjan Blaszczyk = limba - limba - limba - limba - limba
Tibhar Marcos Freitas: limba-carbon arylate-ayous-kiri-ayous-carbon arylate-limba

TSP Break 9: 9 ply all hinoki
TSP Break 11: 11 ply all hinoki
TSP Phoenix Fire OFF: Koto - Awan - Kiri - Awan - Koto

Ulmo Duality: (FH=>BH) Samba-Balsa-Poplar-Poplar-Poplar-Balsa-Mahogany

Xiom Amadeus: hinoki-limba-ayous- ayous-ayous-limba-hinoki
Xiom Amati = limba - limba - carbon fleece - ayous - carbon fleece - limba - limba uncertain
Xiom Aria: limba-spruce-ayous-spruce-limba
Xiom Control: hinoki-aramid carbon-kiri-aramid carbon-hinoki
Xiom Fuga: koto-spruce-ayous-spruce-koto
Xiom Hayabusa Zi: koto - limba - Zephylium - ayous - Zephylium - limba - koto
Xiom Ignito: hinoki-energy/zeta carbon-kiri-energy/zeta carbon-hinoki
Xiom Jazz: hinoki-koto-ayous-koto-hinoki
Xiom Magellan: Hinoki-Limba-Ayous-Limba-Hinoki[/b]
Xiom Maximus: limba-limba-ayous-limba-limba
Xiom Ovid: limba - limba - ayous - limba - limba
Xiom Powerlite Plus: Kiso Hinoki 10.3mm
Xiom Stradivarius: koto-aramid carbon-ayous-kiri-ayous-aramid carbon-koto

Yasaka Allround Plus: 5 ply aspen
Yasaka Extra: anegre-limba-ayous-limba-anegre
Yasaka Extra Offensive: walnut-spruce-ayous-spruce-walnut

note: BOLDED means they're newest addition to the list or just edited...

Author:  haggisv [ 22 May 2009, 17:08 ]
Post subject:  Re: Blade's Composition List

Wow, that is fantastic, thanks Rok!

I think I'll sticky this list, so we can can all add to it, and continue to update it... happy with that?

Author:  Magnus [ 22 May 2009, 17:21 ]
Post subject:  Re: Blade's Composition List

Nittaku Septear - Hinoki-Hinoki-Hinoki-Hinoki-Hinoki-Hinoki-Hinoki

Galaxy T11 - Limba-Carbon-Balsa-Carbon-Limba

Author:  rokphish2 [ 22 May 2009, 17:23 ]
Post subject:  Re: Blade's Composition List

haggisv wrote:
happy with that?

fine with me... :P :P

Author:  haggisv [ 22 May 2009, 17:47 ]
Post subject:  Re: Blade's Composition List

Done! Would you like me to keep adding blades to the list, or would you prefer to look after it yourself?

Author:  rokphish2 [ 22 May 2009, 18:41 ]
Post subject:  Re: Blade's Composition List

I'm usually good at starting things... but... :oops: :oops:

Say, you get to do it... But when I'm available and see some haven't been added then I'll edit and add them up and will post right below it that i had added it...

Author:  haggisv [ 23 May 2009, 09:15 ]
Post subject:  Re: Blade's Composition List

It's a deal :wink:

Author:  addoydude [ 23 May 2009, 11:45 ]
Post subject:  Re: Blade's Composition List

I have a suggestion. How about grouping by composition, so its easy to see which blades are similar. E.g. Korbel, Xiom Aria, OC new go in the same group. P500, KLH, HH, HK, OC old in another group, etc.

Author:  Beer Belly [ 23 May 2009, 12:56 ]
Post subject:  Re: Blade's Composition List

Excellent thread! Interesting to observe that Stiga Offensive Classic New has the same composition as the Korbel.

Author:  Silver [ 23 May 2009, 15:16 ]
Post subject:  Re: Blade's Composition List

Are you sure about that Korbel 2nd ply? Of the half dozen or so Korbels I've seen, none of them have the dark grain lines characteristic of Spruce.

Author:  rokphish2 [ 24 May 2009, 03:57 ]
Post subject:  Re: Blade's Composition List

@addoydude, good idea... but a bit more work... :oops:

@silver, not 100% on the korbel... if i'm not mistaken i got korbel info on mytt a year or two ago...

Author:  duke4423 [ 24 May 2009, 13:03 ]
Post subject:  Re: Blade's Composition List

Does anybody know the composition of Yasaka Gatien Extra 3D..???

Author:  Ultraman [ 25 May 2009, 12:08 ]
Post subject:  Re: Blade's Composition List

Silver wrote:
Are you sure about that Korbel 2nd ply? Of the half dozen or so Korbels I've seen, none of them have the dark grain lines characteristic of Spruce.

I agree with Silver, Korbel doesn't have spruce as its 2nd ply. Its second ply is quite similar to those of Donic Waldner V1 and Stiga Allround CR. The ones with spruce as 2nd ply are P500, BT555, Dicon, HK, and many others.

Silver, are you a defender now?

Author:  haggisv [ 25 May 2009, 14:26 ]
Post subject:  Re: Blade's Composition List

I think we'll leave it until we know what it really is...

Anymore additions to this list?

Author:  rokphish2 [ 25 May 2009, 16:23 ]
Post subject:  Re: Blade's Composition List

duke4423 wrote:
Does anybody know the composition of Yasaka Gatien Extra 3D..???

sorry... nothing so far...

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