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Galaxy W1 blade
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Author:  ishlion [ 15 Aug 2007, 16:46 ]
Post subject:  Galaxy W1 blade


has anyone got or used a Galaxy W1 blade? please review or comment.

Author:  tiwaz [ 15 Aug 2007, 19:18 ]
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I do, but I can only compare it properly to an LKT Will Power. I haven't tried other blades with the same rubbers in order to compare.

W1 is slightly slower, much softer feeling and has way more control.

Author:  haggisv [ 15 Aug 2007, 19:18 ]
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I hear they're quite good, but a lot more expensive than the other galaxy blades... We carry the W-6, and the cost of the W-1 is about double that...

Author:  hookshot [ 16 Aug 2007, 00:51 ]
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I have a Galexy W-1 and really like it. It is very different than any other blade I have. The grain of the center ply goes from one face of the blade to the other. It is like you cut a 1/8 inch slice off the "end" of a log for the center ply.
The one I have has been sealed very heavy with 3 coats of poly. It is about the same speed as my Willpower when you hit hard but has more touch at slow speed. It has a softer feel than the willpower but not soft like a Hinoki. This might have a harder feel than a "stock" one because of the sealing job.
I did not get to weigh it but it felt lighter than the Willpower with no rubber on it. The handle is flared and larger than the Willpower with a pretty big flare. This works well for my twiddling.
The center ply stops about a 1/4 inch from the handle and there is 3 plys between the carbon layers under the handle.
I also have an MC-1 (Galexy) and it is lightly sealed. It is much slower than the W-1. I am going to seal the blade like the W-1 is to see if it speeds it up some. Nice light blade but too slow for me.
To save alot of writting, I like a harder feel to blades and the sealing is just enough to cover the grain. It fits the ITTF rules on sealing. Can still see the grain and is Way under .1m :D

Author:  haggisv [ 17 Aug 2007, 12:56 ]
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Interesting... I'll have to see if the other W series are similar... you'd think they'd use the same tehcnology within the same series...

Author:  JulienB [ 22 Jan 2008, 03:11 ]
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Is there any other blade very similar to this one but lower price :?:

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