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Globe 999 National — my first impressions.
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Author:  Yuzuki [ 21 Aug 2008, 07:26 ]
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speedplay wrote:
Might be, but this is at the risk of getting a really head heavy blade, which (according to me) makes the blade feel a lot heavier then a well balanced blade, even if the actual weight of the balanced blade is a lot more.

Yeah, I did it with a 106g Mazunov, still feels weirdly head-heavy. It's really the sponge, I think.

If you must, get a light blade, and stick lead tape at the butt of racket handle -- I reckon it'll be possible then.

Author:  purger [ 21 Aug 2008, 08:07 ]
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Yes It is havie rubber and doesnt fell nice on hard blades but has nice feel on balsa blades.
I never use a speed glue just glue rubber with water based one and play so to me is just fine.
I think all you guys that are speed gluers are going to have some sort of a problem to adjust to new rule even with new build in speed glue efect rubbers

Author:  haggisv [ 21 Aug 2008, 08:25 ]
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speedplay wrote:
purger wrote:
rokphish2 wrote:
Globe 999 National. But the weight kind of puts me off.

If you use a lighter blade and combine the other side with lighter rubber you will get bat with nice weight

Might be, but this is at the risk of getting a really head heavy blade, which (according to me) makes the blade feel a lot heavier then a well balanced blade, even if the actual weight of the balanced blade is a lot more.

I know Haggisv does his best to convince the lot of you that Globe 999 National is the answer to your wet dreams, but believe me, it's not :twisted:

I tried it and I can safely say, this rubber demands a lot of the player! If you use this, you can forget all about passive play as you are always forced to do something your self to get any form of reaction from it.

I lacked a lot in the technique department to get anything out of it, even on the rather fast Wavestone blade and a couple of layers speed glue, this rubber felt very "dead" to me.

So, if you have a good (or very good perhaps) technique and like tacky rubbers, give it a go, you might like it. Otherwise, stay clear from this monster as it will brutally show any lack in your skill and reveal the dreaded facts that you will not become the next Olympic champion.

I had my hopes to play in Beijing, but this rubber destroyed all my dreams, even as today is (about a year after my attempt with it) I wake up screaming and my girlfriend has to comfort me and assure me it was just a bad dream.

It's gone so far I've even visited a psychiatrist about this. He recommended me to cut the rubber in pieces and then burn it in some ancient sacramental ritual. After this, I should always sleep with my current blade next to my bed as a constant reminder that I'm no longer using Globe 999 National and I can sleep safely.

Well it's certainly not my intention to convince people that it's a good rubber :oops:, but for me personally it's one of the best I've used. I've pretty had my best season with this rubber so far, so it does work for me, and obviously there are others that like it too. Perhaps others that don't like haven't spoken up, don't know...

I can only guess that it depends a lot on the style you play... you tried it on more than one blade, didn't you?

Author:  haggisv [ 21 Aug 2008, 09:17 ]
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speedplay wrote:
I know you aren't trying to force this rubber on to people and with the reputation it has, I know you don't need to. I just want to warn people that all though anything with the word national in it sounds tempting, its not for everyone to use.

Yes I agree totally :wink:

Author:  purger [ 21 Aug 2008, 09:50 ]
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This morning I put new black 999 N treated with two layers of EE II over night on blade Juic Air Large I got yesterady from haggisv and is fantastic match,before had 999 on Galaxy T-11 and fell was way to hard but to me not because rubber was to hard beacuse blade had to hard feel.Tonight Im playing preliminary finals in the club and will use this set up in one of the matches.Will now after how good is?
Plus weight all together 999 N+LKT pro XT + Juic Air Large=161 g lighter than Joola rubbers with R*1 or Hinoki V

Author:  tthj2 [ 05 Sep 2008, 02:37 ]
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I've used 999N on Malin Carbon and Extra blades and so far I like it better on the Extra blade. My experience with this rubber is similar to others on the board you really have to swing the paddle to get speed and control.

This rubber has lot of gears so I found you have to adjust the stroke depending on the situation and you can't be tentative, and you do have to work hard but you'll develop great strokes in the process!

I am going to try Yasaka YEO with this rubber soon.

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