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Globe 999 National — my first impressions.
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Author:  Klaus123 [ 28 Sep 2007, 01:51 ]
Post subject:  Globe 999 National — my first impressions.

Hi LawOCG & al. china-fans! Recently I got my Globe 999 Nat, and today i got my first impressions of its playability.

Note 1: My normal setup is a Hurricane King blade with Bryce (max, unglued) and Hurricane II (max, unglued) so im used to hard, sticky China-rubbers.

Note 2: i planned to tune the rubber with EEII plus CTE (Clean Tuning Extra), but since CTE did not yet arrive I thought that RCDL (Rapid Clean De Luxe) could be a good temporal substitute for it. So i finally tuned the Globe with 3-4 layers of EEII (the last week) and 1 layer of RCDL (yesterday) before i played with it (today) for the first time.

A few years ago i played a normal Globe 999 and i remember it as awfully slow and dead rubber, so i had not the highest expectations. But i was surprised positively. Compared to HII it has more spin, less speed, higher throw, its abit harder, has more control (the ball goes, where you want it to). Its not really that sticky rather tacky but what counts is the effect in gameplay: it really catches the ball and steers it in the intended direction. So i was very satisfied. The spin is sometimes "above average" and sometimes "tremendous" and i dont know why: I first tried to brushloop with it on my FH, and the rubber performed abit capricous, sometimes the ball got incredible spin, sometimes it doesnt, while my stroke was the same. Also, the rubber seemed abit slow on my FH, i think i need something (with more catapult on my FH). Anyway, subsequently i tried it on the BH, and i must they as BH-rubber it is really awesome: fast enough, less capricious, simply great! I decided to use it on my BH in an official match tomorrow, hope it works out. What I havent tested yet is whether it can generate enough pressure to trouble my opponents, i will find that out ...

Author:  haggisv [ 28 Sep 2007, 08:14 ]
Post subject: 

Sounds good Klaus123, thanks for the feedback!

Just one point, I'd be a little careful using than many layers of EEII on chinese rubbers... you'll risk dislodging the the topsheet from the sponge....

After a few gluing with the RCD (I use this too) the rubber will softer up permanently somewhat, and improves in performance too...

Author:  Klaus123 [ 01 Oct 2007, 06:10 ]
Post subject: 

Hi haggisv, so far im not concerned about damaging the rubber, the topsheet is still firm to the sponge.

Now what happend so far: I won some games, i lost some games playing with the Globe 999. I guess that it is mainly a rubber for active gameplay, not for passive strokes.

I usually practice backhand topspins out of the wrist (wrist-whip) against a returnboard with the Globe 999. So I can judge the amound of spin very exact in comparision to other rubbers: The spin is exceptionel, probably due to the strong tack on the rubbers surface. You really feel when the tack stops incoming spin immediately with a "jolt". When playing against oponents, they continously block the ball over the table when i manage to get a "little more spin" into the ball.

Now to the downside: it happens that it is difficult to block with this rubber. The strong tack stops the spin immediately so blocks are turning out to be rather spinless and slow, many of them went into the net. Im not good enough to safely counter-loop with my backhand, so passive play is troublesome. For example Bryce is rather spinless, but blocks with Bryce are really spinny. So maybe there is a principle behind that: you cant have both at the same time a blocking-monster and a spin-monster.

Another positive aspect of the ribber is its price, and the durability: I play with dusty balls and dust is a rubber killer, but the tack of Globe 999 is rather sturdy, it tends to wear not off so easily.

I keep the rubber on my backhand because the spin it generates is too sweet, and i plan to expand my skills with it. I want to go more active and try to learn counter-loops with it, instead of blocking.

Author:  Klaus123 [ 07 Oct 2007, 02:42 ]
Post subject: 

I must update my impressions:

First the Globe was abit too hard and slow for me (though i have it on a DHS King which is a fast blade). I heavily glued it up with a mixture of EEII, RCDL, and CTE (!!!), the rubber got softer, very much softer, but not much faster. It is still too slow, and -- what is the second problem -- as good as it is generating spin, as delicately it is to incoming spin. And blocks dont come well. With Bryce the ball rebounces with much catapult very flat forwards, you could say with Bryce you can play predictable ray-like/laser-like shots/spins (laser-cannon). With Globe 999 it is the complete opposite. Slow, unpredictable in passive play (because delicate to incoming spin), the arc is everything from high to low, you cant predict it. The third problem with Globe 999 is that it is very very heavy, all people who got their hands on my bat isaid that it is heavy like an axe. It is too heavy. Never had such a heavy rubber. Not even 729 FX is that heavy.

Mainly i was undecided between these rubbers (on BH or FH): Bryce, H2 Blue Sponge, Globe 999. The Globe drops out due to the named problems. On the FH the H2 seems better than Bryce, because it has nearly the speed and laser-like feel as the bryce, but with more tack, so it can generate more spin, can lift undersping better. The Bryce seems to releash its qualities better on the BH than on the FH. The H2 is basically the compromise between bryce (low spin, but a laser-cannon) and globe 999 (extreme spin, but the opposite of a laser-cannon). For now i keep H2 Blue Sponge on FH and Bryce on BH.

Author:  vali [ 07 Oct 2007, 05:28 ]
Post subject: 

Well, Globe 999 has a higher throw than your H2 and Bryce. Different throws on a blade is a no-no in my opinion ... I found Globe 999 National a great rubber , but with that there are no passive moves, you have to HIT the ball because the rather hard sponge has to be penetrated to obtain control and compensate for the incomming spin.
Of course a spinny rubber is vulnerable to the incomming spin but that is the price to pay....
Well I felt sorry for let the rubbers go , but I had 3 setups at that time... :cry: . The Globe 999 National offered me great moments and I humiliated the best opponents with them...

Author:  Klaus123 [ 07 Oct 2007, 07:35 ]
Post subject: 

Yes, with the Globe 999 Nat. you either know exactly what you are doing, then you may play a passive move. But if you don't, then you have to spin-attack. It is the rubber which is most difficult to play i experienced so far.

I see of your signature, that you recommend the Focus II. Maybe i should give that one a try.

Author:  haggisv [ 07 Oct 2007, 07:41 ]
Post subject: 

Yes it's for an attack based game. I find there's not much you can't loop with it, and for spin it's a monster. Close to the table I also struggled more with spin, but take a step back and counter looping is not bad at all...

I'm a little surprised anyone would call it 'slow' when it's glued up though...

Author:  Yuzuki [ 07 Oct 2007, 07:50 ]
Post subject: 

haggisv wrote:
Yes it's for an attack based game. I find there's not much you can't loop with it, and for spin it's a monster. Close to the table I also struggled more with spin, but take a step back and counter looping is not bad at all...

I'm a little surprised anyone would call it 'slow' when it's glued up though...

Experienced the same with haggisv (unglued), but I don't find it slow when looping. I do find it slow for hitting.

The head heaviness could be counteracted by rebalancing the bat by some weights. I'm not sure if I got a light blade, so I'll try to weigh my bat so we can have some figures.

Mayhap a faster blade will produce faster balls?

Author:  vali [ 07 Oct 2007, 09:03 ]
Post subject: 

Yeap, on my blade (Tibhar Samsonov Carbon) Globe 999 didn't seem slow at all. The same thing happened when I use it on a Gergely Carbon. I found it comparable to a Donic on a Mazunov blade.
Well, from my experience euro rubbers match with wood and chinese type match with carbon fast blades.

On the other hand Focus II is some kind of Sriver but with tackiness. It's a great backhand rubber, but Klaus look-out : on Mazunov H2+Focus2 felt slow and very low-throw for me . Now on my Tibhar blade the throw is higher and the setup is faster just how I like.

The same story with my Sword King review. The Sword was on my VERY FAST blade. A friend of mine and Haggisv disagreed with my review, but they had slower blades.

So , as a conclusion : euro with all-wood and chinese with fast carbon blades. That's my way ....

Author:  haggisv [ 07 Oct 2007, 09:46 ]
Post subject: 

yes good point vali, the blade makes quite a difference. That is why a discussion on a forum like this is so great, we don't always agree, but get get different points of view, and often work out the reasons why we don't agree... :wink:

Author:  Klaus123 [ 07 Oct 2007, 10:52 ]
Post subject: 

Hi vali, you say chinese rubbers are best on carbon blades ...

No sooner said than done, i rummaged in my drawer for a carbon blade and finally found one. I fixed the rubbers (H2 orange sponge and Globe 999 Nat) on a "Hanno Carbon Performance", which has a very small head, so that i could cut the rubbers small, and now the weight is "o.k". The combo plays quite well, i can move the wrist much better, and can better lift up the arm due to the leight weight. i must try it out against some opponents the next days, to tell more!

Author:  Levkin [ 11 Oct 2007, 11:52 ]
Post subject: 

I had globe 999 a fair bit of time ago and my first impressions were that I couldnt feel the ball because it would travel on the bat several seconds before letting go? It was so incredibly sticky! I found it a little bit slow but a brilliant rubber for providing spin, just a tad hard to feel the ball because it stayed on the bat longer than normal rubber.

It's a fine rubber for a spin, control based game.
(provides a comfortable game a bit back off the table)

Author:  purger [ 16 Aug 2008, 22:03 ]
Post subject: 

Hi guys,

Today i puled 999 red national version wat I've got from haggisv few moths ago and never had a chance playing with.
When I got rubber it was treted with 3-4 layers of EE II.
Ive glud this one with water based glue on Galaxy T-11 and it felt realy nice.Looping was great and lots of spin I notice that was as fast as 729 focus II but with more control and felt softer as well wich by presing rubbers they seem the same hardness to me.Also has good power from distance but to loop chops had to adjust a bit as ball was sinking in the net even notice some kind of klick sound rubber played nice on backhand to. Maybe i discover something new and cheeper for my self and my missis pocket

Author:  haggisv [ 17 Aug 2008, 08:38 ]
Post subject: 

Yep it sure is spinny :wink: Good to see you've discovered my favourite rubber 8)

Author:  purger [ 17 Aug 2008, 09:36 ]
Post subject: 

Well it is something special in this rubber i didnt expect to play so well in all aspect of the game and serving is realy good.
Have you got any tips for this rubber?

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