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PostPosted: 17 Jan 2012, 11:51 
Dark Knight
Dark Knight
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Manufacturer description:
- Sticky rubber with soft topsheet and medium tensor sponge, for an allround attacking game with topspin.
- Soft feeling with good speed, good control over the table.
- Easy to attack against backspin and a lot of spin in second and third loop. GOod speed to keep a strong attack from mid-distance.
- High transparency of red rubber surface and smooth black surface.
- Designed for water based glue"
Speed: 10
Spin: 11
Control: 10

My mini-review as i had one session with this, but found it does not really suit me.

The packed is quite plain, and the sheet has a dusty and flimsy protection sheet on. After removing the protection sheet, the sheet looks of good quality. the topsheet feels fairly soft and very tacky. Sponge is of medium hardness, quite a bit softer than most Chinese rubbers. This rubber reminds me quite a bit of the gambler rubbers, and it would not surprise me if they were made in the same factory.

I glued it onto my Tachi+ blade with Donic Vario glue.

Bouncing a ball on the bat first time, shows how tacky the sheet is...only 1 or 2 bounces and it stops dead! :lol: This tends to make it very slow for servers and pushes, which is not a bad thing. The extreme tack wear off quite a bit after the short session, but it remained tacky, which is quite common for these types of rubbers.

Looping: Medium to high throw. If felt quite slow for slow loops and not as spinny as I expected, certainly not like my 999 sheet, but still a good amount of spin. Looping it harder, the sponge kicks in, and the rubber feels quite a bit faster. it does not quite have the speed or the nice feel of Outlaw, but it gets close to that speed. I suspect this rubber will feel better on a harder blade, as I didn't really like the feel so much on my soft-feeling Tachi+. Counterlooping worked ok, it's less sensitive to spin than my 999 Turbo, but still sensitive compared to non-tacky rubbers.

Serving / pushing: Very good and very spinny, largely to to the tacky topsheet.

Blocking / hitting: Ok but nothing special. I did not quite like the feel of the rubber, but this is related to my blade and personal preference, so it might be much better for someone else.

Conclusion: A good quality Chinese-made chinese/euro hybrid rubber, very much in the style of other modern Chinese rubbers like the gambler series. Good value if you want a tacky but more euro-style rubber at a cheaper price tag.

Any questions, fire away...

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PostPosted: 17 Jan 2012, 12:17 
OOAK Super User
OOAK Super User
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How about looping from off the table?

How would you describe the speed, flex and hardness (or lack thereof) of that blade-I always found chinese tacky rubbers to play better with a hard blade.

thanx-this is one of the few zeropong rubbers I have not ever tried.

PostPosted: 18 Jan 2012, 05:22 
Iron Pips
Iron Pips
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I used it for two months. I thought had a very low throw for such a tacky topsheet. Very good for fishing away from the table therefore but I had troubles looping against back spin. Like many other chinese rubbers you can block with a light and fast touch returning a difficult-to-read ball (almost like an anti) or you can block the ordinary way returning more top spin. I think it is very good for its price but it felt a little less precise than many others. Do you feel that you can place the ball exactly where you want?

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