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Giant Dragon Submarine - attacking qualities??
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Author:  ridderz65 [ 06 Jun 2014, 20:00 ]
Post subject:  Giant Dragon Submarine - attacking qualities??

I play a backhand chopping game using LP.

I'm looking for a forehand rubber that is both excellent for chopping but which I can heavy loop and attack with too.

Is giant dragon submarine any good for looping and attacking? As well as heavy chopping?

I'm using Joo se hyuk blade. What sponge thickness should I use if the submarine would suit my style?

Author:  josesiem [ 06 Jun 2014, 20:03 ]
Post subject:  Re: Giant Dragon Submarine - attacking qualities??

It's nothing special. It's very, very tacky. It's about the same speed as Tackiness Chop 2 and Donic Slice 40. For a rubber inbetween the modern tensor-style rubbers and very slow defensive rubbers, try Hurricane 3 Neo, Gambler Outlaw.

Author:  LDMovies [ 07 Jun 2014, 01:40 ]
Post subject:  Re: Giant Dragon Submarine - attacking qualities??

Tried submarine ( as I did Gambler reflectoid) plays similar that they chop well and very easy to control and nice and slow and spinny when it lands. Just effortless. You can let yourself go and just follow through with chopping stroke mid distance and can be rewarded of it landing on the table and not going long. Serves ok and receives ok. Good in short pushing game. However I cant get any pace to the ball . Just too soft and not many gears to it. Just has slow and slower. Maybe I've been used to Xiom tensor rubbers too much. Pretty much useless in a real game. I left it on one practice blade that I use primarily to send back chops to people that want to practice against that shot.

Author:  Japsican [ 21 Jan 2015, 04:01 ]
Post subject:  Re: Giant Dragon Submarine - attacking qualities??

I also tried submarine...should have listened to LDMovies advice when I posted the same question you did.

For me, because I was raised on German/Japanese rubbers, I just hated the feel of it. The throw was so darn low, I couldn't lift the ball enough to get a decent loop. Could have been my technique, but my coach, who uses H3 also didn't like the throw. And he's tried every Chinese rubber there is. I gave it a try...but for my technique, I love Xiom rubbers too. Currently I use Omega IV Asia, but the Vega Europe and Vega Elite are are better and more controlled for chopping. I just needed a bit more spin, which means spin-sensitivity, which means harder for chopping. But I can chop with the Asia just fine.

Comparing it to Reflectoid, I liked the reflectoid better if you loop at all, due to the throw. And when chopping hard loops, the reflectoid is better as well. However, the speed of Submarine is MUCH better for attacking. If you're a flat hitter, it might be just perfect.

Author:  LordCope [ 13 Feb 2018, 19:31 ]
Post subject:  Re: Giant Dragon Submarine - attacking qualities??

Was having a conversation with a friend who was looking for a slowish/thinish fh rubber for chopping, blocking and hitting. He has a good BH loop, but his FH is a hit rather than spin, and he likes to chop only on his fh.

I wonder whether this might be a good recommendation for him.

Author:  iskandar taib [ 14 Feb 2018, 14:24 ]
Post subject:  Re: Giant Dragon Submarine - attacking qualities??

My thoughts are - if you can actually GET a sheet, get one and try it out if it isn't expensive. Might work great, might not, either way let us all know! :lol: For some of us, actually getting a sheet without too much trouble is a problem.


Author:  Pumpa [ 14 Feb 2018, 19:35 ]
Post subject:  Re: Giant Dragon Submarine - attacking qualities??

I might be quite picky when it comes to backhand rubbers, but comparing this to super defense soft, I absolutely hated attacking with it, I couldn't my loops weren't as spinny as they usually were and it didn't solve my slow hitting problem. I wouldn't recommend it based on that rubber, but that quality from Giant Dragon is known to be a bit unstable.

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