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PostPosted: 05 Oct 2020, 08:11 
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Blade: Avalox Blue Thunder 555
FH: Palio cj8000 Biotech
BH: Palio cj8000 Biotech
Do these Exist?
- Light weight (not more than 60 g uncut, if it has 4 corners)
- Medium high throw.
- Semi to half tacky.
- Not faster/harder than Joola Golden Tango PS, and not slower/softer than Palio cj8000 Biotech 36-38.

I'm looking to reduce the weight of my setup. My blade (bt777) weighs 86 g and is 6.2 mm thick, so that's relatively light. I do have some lighter and slower blades at my disposal though. And I am considering going back to one of them, while I'm still developing. Though I do play better with bt777 I think. And it's not that much faster than an all+ to off- 5-ply, just a bit and a bit better accuracy.
It's easier for me to find a lighter rubber for the backhand, since I don't need a hybrid rubber on that.
My main reason for using hybrid rubbers on forehand is for service and more security/dwell for the loops (slow spinny ones).
My backhand is significantly better, training partners always tells me that, so other than the comfort of a lighter setup (a heavy one makes my head feel heavy), I guess it'll also be more practical when quickly switching from forehand to backhand, especially close to the table, where I mostly play. I do back away for forehand looping, especially because I need the recovery time.

So right now I have GTPS on forehand. Haven't been to practice with it yet. Just service practice and hit a few single balls at home. Seems promising. Significantly faster than cj8000 that I usually play with, but doesn't seem too fast.

On backhand I have Evolution FX-S and after getting used to that, it seems great for my backhand, even though it feels slightly too soft for my liking. It's not too fast, but I can still do finishers with it. A bit dificult with cj8000.

I am thinking, if I have problems doing finishers with a slow setup (limba/ayous 5-ply with cj8000 on both sides), does it then mean than I should practice more with that slow setup to develope better? I mean, it feels like I'm hitting a limit to the speed I can get out of it. Like I'm needing a few ekstra higher gears. Trying to put more power in with a slower setup seems to make my body more stiff, so that I can't get in a proper shot.
But with a setup that is just a bit faster I can relax a bit more to get in a proper shot.
I don't have that much muscle, so working out some more would obviously help. And I do use my body and legs, not just my arm when hitting. Though come to think of it, I do have to learn to go more over the ball. I think I have a tendency to lean a bit back, so some of the energy gets lost and doesn't get into the loop. A training partner also noticed this.
No problems transfering energy when smashing though.

Sendt fra min SM-A202F med Tapatalk


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PostPosted: 05 Oct 2020, 19:54 
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Juic 999 Elite Ultima, comes close, but the sponge is not as hard as JOOLA Golden Tango PS ..

Another rubber that comes to mind is 729 FX Lightening ...

PostPosted: 06 Oct 2020, 21:39 
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Blade: S&T Black & White
FH: Rasanter R42 2mm
BH: Spinlord Keiler 1.2mm
Tuttle world No 1 latest version is good value and has good spin & speed with ABS ball on an Off- or faster blade. Has a medium hard quite direct speed glue feel rather than tensor.

https://www.customtabletennis.co.uk/pro ... ory-tuned/

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