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tsp triple spin chop rubber
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Author:  op01danibh [ 16 Jun 2021, 15:19 ]
Post subject:  tsp triple spin chop rubber

i am looking for tsp triple spin chop rubber black 1.5mm
i did tried looking for it in all the online shops and it has been out of stock
can anybody please help me out

Author:  haggisv [ 16 Jun 2021, 17:11 ]
Post subject:  Re: tsp triple spin chop rubber

It will be hard to find, because TSP has discontinued this rubber (although it will remain ITTF approved for 5 years).

The Triple series has been re-released under the Victas brand (same company just rebranding), but I'm not sure which will be the equivalent of the Triple Spin Chop.

Author:  deva sarjan [ 16 Jun 2021, 19:38 ]
Post subject:  Re: tsp triple spin chop rubber

There is no 1.5 mm. version of TSP Triple Spin Chop but only 1.0 mm.
Here, a link:
https://www.masatenisimalzemesi.com/202 ... spin-chop/
This shop is in Istanbul. They may still have a few.
Otherwise, if you can find LKT Pro XT topsheet and glue it on HRS sponge ( 1.0 mm. is good), it is a wonderful alternative to TSP TSC.
Or there are some other rubbers like : Juic Elite Def, Juic 999 Defence, Sauer Troger Secret Flow Chop, Spinlord Marder, DHS H3 and DHS H2 ( 1.5 mm. versions), Dr. Neubauer Domination, Nittaku Revspin...
If not tacky is ok, then there are Dr. Neubauer Special Defence and Nittaku Moristo Def. Also, Victas 401 1.5 mm.
Seems considering both topsheet and sponge, there is not an equivalent of TSP Triple Spin Chop in Victas Triple serie..

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