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Tenergy 05fx effective hardness and alternatives
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Author:  ChasFox [ 26 Jul 2022, 20:40 ]
Post subject:  Tenergy 05fx effective hardness and alternatives

Just acquired a used sheet of 05fx red 1.9mm for my forehand on a balsa carbon blade.

First impressions are it feels harder and more precise than Euro tensor medium soft rubbers like Rasanter R42, hexer powergrip SFX and Rhyzer 43 which I struggle with the lower speed catapult for precise close to the table play.

What would be the equivalent hardness in Euro tensors to match the feel of 05Fx would it be something like Rasanter r45, hexer Grip or Aurus select with their 45° sponges but soft thin top sheets although R45 may be a bit too fast. Or if I get on with 05fx do I just stick with it despite the price or maybe 80fx for a little easier playability.

Author:  boz [ 10 Sep 2022, 06:15 ]
Post subject:  Re: Tenergy 05fx effective hardness and alternatives

Are you worried that you will get used to something that you do not plan to replace in the future? If the sheet is new and you like it, you might get a year out of it depending on the hours you play...

To this date, nothing has the same type of grip on the top sheet with a spring sponge, so you just won't find an ESN alternative that plays the same.

Somewhere around 40-44 Euro degree should be similar in feeling. But the top sheet makes a big difference to the overall 'hardness' too.

For me going on the euro rubbers I have tried recently:

MXS similar to T05
MXP similar to T64
FXP (I haven't tried fx versions of T64 but guessing similar, it seemed slightly similar to T25fx or t05fx)
Rasanter 37 softer overall than all Tenergies

I'd take a wild guess that FXs which I have not tried is the closest rubber to T05fx (which I have tried).

Author:  Zionjohansson [ 16 Jan 2023, 06:33 ]
Post subject:  Re: Tenergy 05fx effective hardness and alternatives

Tibhar fx-s is pretty similar to 05fx

Author:  1dennistt [ 07 Feb 2023, 14:16 ]
Post subject:  Re: Tenergy 05fx effective hardness and alternatives

I haven't used 05 FX, but a friend has it on his racket, so I hit with it on occasion. I guess it is somewhere in the 45 degree range, feels that way to me. I used to use Bluefire M2, so it feels very natural to me when I use it. I probably should have used 05 FX back then, and I did use regular 05 for a time (I'd personally put 05 at about 47 - 48 degree).

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