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PostPosted: 10 Jun 2009, 00:39 
Modern Chiseler.
Modern Chiseler.
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NiTTaKu wrote:
Ok, durability on this one is HORRIBLE, only five training sessions (two hours each one) and the rubber got a slice near the handle, not even near the sides of the blade where I usually hit the table... it's under my finger! I heard from 3G tensors being fragile, but this surpass me no limits, and I don't punish my rubbers so hard to have this.

The feeling is exceptional but my wallet isn't so full of cash, I can't afford buying a sheet of rubber each month!

I wonder if you just got a bad one? I never experienced any problems like this.


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PostPosted: 10 Jun 2009, 08:18 
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I have been using Yanus Df for nearly 3 years as my only forehand rubber and I still love it.

I have found it is very durable and only get chunks out of it if I hit the table ( which I do ).

It is still fast and spiny even after 6 months of 4 days a week hard use, it is expensive I do admit that but I still think it is worth it.

As somebody said later later softer softer and you can return most super loops, because it does have a high catapult effect you must be soft while chopping, but for looping and counter hitting it is like a super fast power rubber.

I did try try the 1.5mm version I thought it played very different to the 2mm version, not as spiny strangely enough not as spiny, feels like a different rubber, just get a 2mm and learn to work it.

I have tried F3 big slam, nice rubber I think I did a review at some point, nice kick of table, high ache with loops, good spin and control but not good at chopping or blocking OK at counter hitting. If you are a mid distance looper who comes in to the table for a big spiny loop/hit then it is great, not a defenders rubber IMHO. My son ( who is a looper ) uses F3 BS 2.0mm on Avalox Ma Wenge, excellent combo.



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PostPosted: 10 Jun 2009, 16:06 
Chop, Rock, & Roll
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Then I just got a bad batch or something, because that crack just on top of the handle is not something you see all days on a rubber. I'll pray so it just don't fall apart from that crack...

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PostPosted: 07 Sep 2019, 13:07 
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I used to use Xiom Yanus DF 1.5 mm exclusively on my backhand about 8 years ago but I gave up on it because then, I felt that as the rubber aged, I lost the ability to spin the ball effectively when I chopped with it. I've used a number of sheets on different blades. It has so far been most affective on my Andro Super Core Cell All+ blade. Still, with each instance that I felt the rubber beginning to age, it affected my game. I am a 2100 level player.

I wrapped the racquet in plastic and kept it in a box. I pulled it out only recently and started using it again. I think my understanding of chopping has grown, so I am able to do things now that I was not proficient in doing 8 years ago. The Yanus rubber plays like a dream on this Andro blade. One of the sensations of chopping with pips that I've always envied is that of the ball making contact with the wood. I am able to experience that feeling with the 1.5 mm. And, what I love about the Yanus rubber is that I can go from chopping to attacking. It's a great rubber to use close to the table.

I am not a chopper. I mean, I am not a defensive player, but I think that the close-to-the-table-chop is the most underrated shot in the game. I have grown mostly bored watching topspin rallies that seem to last forever. I think that the game has been perverted by this push (pardon the pun) to make table tennis seem like tennis: the bigger ball; plastic -- and are the rumors of making the table bigger true? Chopping -- not defensively -- but assertively and close to the table -- impels one's opponent to either make a huge effort to topspin the ball or it forces them to start chopping too. The Yanus rubber is a great tool -- if used effectively. Simply limiting its use to (yawn) topspin strokes limits your opportunities. If that's all you intend to use it for, you might as well stick with Tenergy 05.

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