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Suggestions to Zeropong
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Author:  makai [ 28 Dec 2009, 00:28 ]
Post subject:  Suggestions to Zeropong

I want to make a thread for suggestions to Zeropong. Zeropong is a great online shop where you can shop at the expense of cheap prices. Screw Butterfly! :lol:

1) Be a one-stop Table Tennis Shop! You shop lacks items. Like for instance, in your rubber care section, You say use a sponge and overhead protectors. If you recommend those things, why not sell a specific brand? You already did it with the Pro Scissors, why not stock the other items?

2) Site Layout Your shop looks nice at some point but I think a simple layout like the OOAK Shop is much better. It keeps things more organized. You site also likes a review portion on the products.

3) Improve Quality Gambler Bullet Platinum for instance has at least a dozen deformed balls.
Gambler Platinum has a harder formula that makes them suitable for club or National level USATT sanctioned events. Gambler Platinum are of the finest quality, made with high density celluloid, utilizing a high pressure production process for excellent roundness and hardness. Platinum balls are superior to most 3 star balls one the market.

I think this description isn't right. Gambler Platinum is soft in feeling and isn't that superior to most 3 star balls. The formula maybe hard but the balls feel soft. I would rate them as Premium Training Balls and not competition. Nice value for the price though.

Your $4.50 Full Padded Racket Cases are too small and will put the rubber on tension.

Some of your blades have thin handles.

Almost all your blades are formulated for European style of play. (Please stock more Chinese style blades)

Message to Zeropong: I know you guys aren't making as much as other dealers because you are providing customers cheap prices but I think these suggestions would improve your site to make it more productive. Consider this thread as an investment for your future.

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