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 Post subject: Nexy new blade, Peterpan
PostPosted: 15 Aug 2012, 17:33 
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Nexy new blade, Peterpan
We start to sell new blade Peterpan now.
Some people have already finished test for Peterpan blade.
please check the below their review.

Having said that; here is my review :

Nexy Peterpan review

Weight : 86 grams
Handle : Straight, with the same dimensions as the Calix straight handle.
Balance : A well balanced blade, capable of being used with heavier rubbers.
Thickness : ca. 6.1mm
Blade Face : ca. 151mm x 158mm

Rubbers used for testing to date :

2mm Palio Blitz on both sides; producing a total bat weight of 183 grams
2mm Tibhar Genius on both sides; producing a total bat weight of 186 grams.

Construction :

The Peterpan has a thick Kiri core and Ayous medial plies, both hardened by Burn Technology and topped with normal Limba outer plies.

It's a well built blade, with rounded shoulders and a simpler painted handle design compared to other Nexy blades. The logo on the handle is a flat metal badge, with no mention of the blade's name on it.

Overall Feel:

Whilst the Peterpan does have a Kiri core and Ayous medial plies, hardened by Burn Technology; it's the natural Limba outer plies that help define the feel of this blade and give it a more natural feel, than other Burn Technology blades that I've played with to date.

The Limba outer plies give the Peterpan a feel closer to blades, like the Petr Korbel and Tibhar Stratus Power Wood, than the other Burn Technology blades that I've played with to date; i.e., the Nexy Calix, Calix 2, Qabod and Donic Burn Offensive Minus; all of which have harder outer plies like Mahogany or Walnut in the case of the Qabod..

Short Game:

The Peterpan is good for this part of the game as it has good control. I found it a good blade for doing flick returns and also keeping service returns short.

Dropshots are easy to do with this blade because of its control with tensors and I can imagine it being good at dropshots with Chinese rubber too.


Although the Peterpan isn't a flexible 5 ply wooden blade around 5.4mm thick, with the benefit of a catapult effect; like my 1990's Offensive Classic WRB, custom made Nebula Offensive Wood with Walnut outer plies or the OSP Expert; it's still a good looping blade, particualrly for players who prefer looping with a more linear blade; which enables them to load spin onto the ball, by brush looping.

When playing closer to the table; I found brush looping was more effective, than trying to loop drive the ball.

Whilst I can loop drive effectively and consistently with 2mm Tibhar Genius on the Peterpan, both close to the table and at mid distance; I'm not generating as much spin as I can with Hurricane 2 on the OSP Expert or Nebula Offensive Wood, when playing the same shot.

When playing at long distance; the Peterpan's stiffer nature requires you to play full strokes; otherwise the ball can drop into the net.

Smashing / Punching:

Smashing is a strength of the Peterpan when paired with Genius, as the combination makes it easier to hit through spin and return those high spinny returns to the back of the table, that a good defender can play.

Likewise Punching can be very effective, providing you get your blade angle right.


I found it effective at blocking back smashes from mid distance and it was good at returning loops providing you were off the table; however, it was harder to block fast loop drives with heavy spin; off the bounce.


Whilst you can chop closer in; I found it better for chopping at mid distance and I can still generate more backspin and keep the ball lower, with Hurricane 2 on my Nebula Offensive Wood. To be fair to the Peterpan; I suspect I would get better backspin on chops with Hurricane 2 on the blade, rather than Genius.


Of the Nexy 5 ply wooden blades I've tested to date; I think it's the most versatile and I prefer it's feel compared to the other Nexy Burn Technology blades too.

The one caveat I found was it didn't match up as well with 2mm Blitz for me; as the Nexy Calix, Yasaka Extra, Offensive Classic WRB, Petr Korbel or OSP Virtuoso M; i.e. thinner, more flexible blades than the Peterpan.

Having said that; I like it's performance with 2mm Genius and the way it plays in general.

Like Yogi Bear; the Peterpan is a blade I would happily recommend to players looking for a blade with good control and a linear performance.


peterpan1.jpg [ 78.4 KiB | Viewed 4883 times ]
peterpan.jpg [ 110.84 KiB | Viewed 4883 times ]
File comment: Nexy
logo_image.jpg [ 3.68 KiB | Viewed 4968 times ]

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PostPosted: 02 Jul 2013, 16:00 
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There is another review of Peterpan here.

Peterpan review.

Sunday, I put my Peterpan into the real life test and played our Sunday tournament, even though my friend and training partner suggested to play with my primary setup because he felt that I still need time to get used to Peterpan. I just decided to replace H3Prov with TG2 Neo which is a bit slower but spinnier. The result I posted was the best in my TT life - in the first RR, I defeated many times winner of the tourney and took the 1st place in the group and played in the top-8 (out of 40+) final round robin. Before that, I was once playing in 9-16 final RR about 2 weeks ago.

So, my initial impressions about the blade were confirmed - it is a high performance offensive blade for playing at the close- and mid- distance from the table. Its specialty is top-spin attack (high spin/vary spin/high range of speeds), short game and blocking (great control and precision). Feeling is fantastic! Smashing high balls with TG2N on FH is still a problem if no spin imparted with the hit, but adding even a little of spin immediately helps. No problem smashing with R7S (I ripped several winners smashing with RPB), I guess I have to get used to twiddle/change grip yet.

So far so good. I am going to play with the current setup for a couple of weeks to get finally used to it and complete the review and then try the blade with various pips - I feel it can be great for pips players too because of its rigidity and very good control.

PostPosted: 02 Jul 2013, 20:48 
Rambo Looper Spin First Ask Questions Later
Rambo Looper Spin First Ask Questions Later
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I liked the test version of Peter Pan with the softer EL-P and FX-P Evo rubbers. Great looping blade. OFF Minus or so speed.

I also enjoyed watching Korean Pro Kim Jung Hoon test his 2 setups and could immediately spot the heavier and better feeling blade. He ironically also tested the Tibhar Stratus Power Wood, I used that while Kim JH was blasting loops at me that all I could do was BH block and hope he wouldn't change spin. He allowed me to loop with the Tibhar SPW and brought all those ones back haha.

Custom Blade (Mass Annihillation Unit) - FH Nexy Etika 51 - BH Tibhar K1
President, Korea Foreign TTC

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