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PostPosted: 24 Jul 2013, 01:48 
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Found some time to answer.If anyone would like to know more just ask.

Could the videos have a higher resolution rather than 480p?
Yes they can if I record in higher resolution. You can find some of my videos in HD. Increasing resolution to be HD when originally isn’t is pointless in my opinion.

How do you avoid copyright issues?
I have a little agreement with ittf plus I’ve come too far with my channel to be deleted by ittf…

What's the source for your videos?
I use international feed to record videos.

Which country is he/she from ?
I’m from Poland

What internet connection is available ?
Polish standards aren’t very high but my internet connection is 10 mb.

In your first post you said them , so how many people are involved in providing these videos?
Only one person is behind ttCountenance channel.

What software does he use to grab/edit the video?
Send me PM if you need more details.

I've wondered how he decides when to skip points in his final version (sometimes the score will advance by 2 or even 3 points with no indication of what happened). Is this because raw footage wasn't available? Or perhaps it was something mundane like a missed serve?
If a rally is ended by simple mistake or like you said missed serve I skip points. I usually show more points when there’s a very important moment or deuce.

Finally, I'm curious how (if at all) he's compensated for his time and effort?
I am not compensated for time I spent on this channel and I don’t want to be this is my passion. I would lie if I say I didn't earn some money when I was promoting table tennis webistes but now I am done with it. However I sell matches but it happens very rare.

How about a bit of a brief background of himself and his table tennis.

Career – I played in third league in Poland( something like fourth or even fifth league in Germany). I think I started playing too late as I played football till 14 years old then realized I’m too small for this sport. As I remember I was always the best in table tennis in my school that’s why I started practicing.
Years – I have been playing table tennis since 2004.
Style – Aggressive forehand oriented player.
Blade setup – Sriver max both sides. I tried many blades andro, TSP, Andrzej Grubba even very old blades that I got from my collegues and they were fantastic.

Who are you in real life, Sir Countenance?
I am currently a student finishing his University. Apart from this just a normal person with couple passions. My girlfriend says I’m too relaxed in my life which is probably true ;)

How long does it usually take for you to finish a production (one video)?
One minute on youtube usually is a 10 minutes of work in editing program. Sometimes it is less. Someone write somewhere that watching all my videos probably will take 24 hours but it was 2 years ago…

What do you do for a living and is your TT video production affects your career in any way?
Table tennis never affected my career or life. Maybe sometimes I had to do many things in definite order as I knew that this particular match will end in around 20-25 minutes then I had to take a quick bath and pick up my girlfriend explaining her why we have to come back to my house in less than 5 minutes… ;) I am currently not employed but I work at home playing mind game( sorry for very little details).

What is the main reason you start uploading TT match videos to YouTube?
I remember I started watching some highlights( at this time very few) on youtube in maybe 2007 and realized I can do the same but in my own way. I didn’t like that some points were shown and that some scenes are too long or too short. I also wanted to show tt in good quality.

And what is the main reason you keep on continuing your production (which seems doesn't benefit you in a large scale)?
You don’t need a reason to do something when it’s your passion.

Who is your TT idol?
I don’t have an idol but my favourite player was always Wang Liqin. I consider him as the best player that ever played this game.

How big is the size your table tennis video archive so far?
I think it’s around 4-5 TB.


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PostPosted: 24 Jul 2013, 14:50 
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Fantastic, thank you so much ttCountenance!

I can't believe you've done it all by yourself! :clap: :clap: :clap:

10mins for 1min of video... I bet I takes MANY hours of practice to become so efficient! :up: :up: :up: For the few videos I've edited, it would take much more than 10x that amount of time! :(

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