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Interview with der materialspezialist - the interview!
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Author:  haggisv [ 29 Sep 2014, 19:16 ]
Post subject:  Interview with der materialspezialist - the interview!

As you may remember, thanks to our friend AA, Guido from der materialspezialist has kindly agreed to an interview! :rock:

You can look at the unique range of this specialist German manufacturer here: http://shop.der-materialspezialist.com

Below are the answers to our questions, which AA has kindly helped translate for us. :clap:

A big thank you to Guido for the time taken to answer our questions :clap:

1) is it true that the beast was pre-existing sheet that was modified or is it an entirely new invention?
BEAST is a complete new invention.

2) how does the interaction with the factory that works for you work? do you suggest how the softness/hardness / pimple allignment/length etc of the sheets should be and they send you samples and then things are altered step by step until you are happy with the product and it goes into production or how does the process work?
Generally we have a first idea that often originates from feedback and experience of players.
The first prototypes are made in our laboratory and then tested with a tabletennis robot (ball-machine).
After that, the sheet is tested with 10-20 different players. In most cases the first 5-10 prototypes don't pass this test and then the procedure begins again.
As soon as a sheet has passed all tests, its chemical properties including the pimple geometry are passed on to the factory for production. They then create samples that again are tested in terms of quality control.
These samples are then sent to the ITTF. As soon as the sheet passes all tests, it becomes authorized by the ITTF. Then the production begins.

3) what was the motive behind starting your own business?
I was unhappy with the products available on the market. The ban of frictionless pimples caused a problem for many players. The suggested alternative, slick antis were deemed unplayable for most players. So many players started playing illegally treated pimples. That couldn't be the solution in the long run, so we decided to give it a shot ourselves and our success proves us right!

4) until now you specialised on antis and long pimples..will you be creating more inverted and short pimple sheets?
We don't really specialize on antis and long pimples, it just happens to be that we started with these types of sheets.
Very shortly our first inverted sheets HARDCORE and HARDCORE SPEED will be available on the market. I am sure that these sheets will attract attention in the inverted-sheet realm.
Also our short-pimple sheet BURNOUT has been devised and currently is awaiting authorization by the ITTF.

5. How do you decide on what new rubber you'll make next? Do you think of a style that could use some specific characteritics, or do you get a range of sheets made with certain variations, and then work out which sheets might be useful?
That type of decision is never made. Usually we work on several products simultaneously. Has a product passed all tests, it is made available to the market.

6. Which has been your most successful rubber / Blade?
Very hard to answer, as all our blades, longpimples and antis are a success to this day. This is because different players have different expectations, so a broad mass of players can be adressed and satisfied.

7. What portion of your sales are outside Germany?
I would estimate about 40%

8.To get a new rubber approved, is there much interaction with the ITTF?
No, our laboratory makes sure the requirements are met and then the samples are sent to the ITTF and the authorization process usually works without problems.

9. After the Frictionless ban, and what happened to TTMaster, are you worried that one day your rubbers may one day be a target as well, because they give certain players "too much advantage"? 8) :lol:
No. With all current sheets one cannot win by just holding the racket, one needs read the opponents spin, what he is doing and react / adjust accordingly which requires skill.

10. Is it possible to make long pips even funkier than Grass D.Tecs, or is D.Tecs the absolute max possible?
Yes, simply use our sheet called L.S.D ;))

11. You have an LP rubber on the ITTF list that isn't released yet called "Superwall." Will this be the answer for former Super Block users (I hope)?
No. Legal long pimples will never play like the Superblock rubber.
Players which want to play this style should use the BEAST ANTI with a hard blade.

12. How do you feel smooth antis and long pips work with the new plastic ball?
I personally am playing with this ball since a year, in private as in my league. The dependency of getting the angle right with slick antis actually decreases with the plastic ball, so the control is better. The differences in quality are decreasing. I think everyone will have adjusted in 1-2 years.

13. As your anti-spin rubbers are so stiff, how do you remove them without causing damage?
The problem is the glue sheet. I advise to use the currently allowed glues without a glue sheet if your intention is to remove the sheet a few times. Hereby just add a layer to the wood and not to the sheet. This way there shouldnt be a problem when removing the rubber.

14. Which are your best selling products in Germany and outside Germany? Are the majority of your sales in Germany?
All our products sell about equally.
With the long pimples, the LSD has the edge.
With the antis NIGHTMARE has sold most units.

15. What are your future plans for new products?
At the moment we are working on 2 new antis, one new long pimple sheet , one medium pip rubber and one short pimple sheet. Expect more to comeā€¦ :D


Author:  haggisv [ 01 Oct 2014, 07:58 ]
Post subject:  Re: Interview with der materialspezialist - the interview!

I assume a lot of you have not seen this yet, so I think it's deserves a little bump :oops:

Author:  mynamenotbob [ 01 Oct 2014, 13:13 ]
Post subject:  Re: Interview with der materialspezialist - the interview!

Great interview. I think DerMaterialspezialist is currently the most innovative table tennis company. They have a great line of products. :up:

Author:  Lorre [ 02 Oct 2014, 00:03 ]
Post subject:  Re: Interview with der materialspezialist - the interview!

Nice interview! :up:

Author:  Japsican [ 22 Oct 2014, 07:29 ]
Post subject:  Re: Interview with der materialspezialist - the interview!

I didn't understand what the recommendation was for removing rubbers with the glue sheet... Anyone get that?

Author:  keme [ 22 Oct 2014, 18:53 ]
Post subject:  Re: Interview with der materialspezialist - the interview!

Japsican wrote:
I didn't understand what the recommendation was for removing rubbers with the glue sheet... Anyone get that?

Apply TT glue to the blade. The gluesheet sticks to the glue layer instead of directly to the wood. TT glue has a medium strength bond, so the glue layer will release the bond before your blade cracks.

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