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Retrieving not chopping (comments welcome)
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Author:  Retriever [ 04 Dec 2018, 06:53 ]
Post subject:  Re: Retrieving not chopping (comments welcome)

Ran the community centre on Saturday but only put up 2 tables to begin with. Unfortunately that was all we needed :( Always the way, now we have an extra table we don't even always need the number we originally had. I ended up hitting top spin with A? before closing up. I have also started organizing our end of year lunch for Saturday week, our last Saturday for the year - the restaurant is tentatively booked for 10 and I have around 7 confirmed with more to come.

Played at the club last night with mixed results. First up was MD. We got to 1-1, but then he ran away with it 2-1. Played DZ the first time in a while - he hates my unconventional spin or lack thereof. He would prefer it if I only played straight top spin or back spin. 3-0. Last was IM. He was playing pretty well, and there were a few points where the others stopped to see what was happening. We got to 1-1, then I went ahead to 2-1 after a number of deuces, then 3-1. He wanted to play the extra game which I also won. DM & IM the had a rematch (IM had earlier beaten DM for the 2nd or 3rd time ever). I left before they finished.

We have a local association committee meeting on Thursday with at least one controversial item but I can say no more ...

Author:  Retriever [ 11 Dec 2018, 10:50 ]
Post subject:  Re: Retrieving not chopping (comments welcome)

Put up all 4 tables at the community centre but only used 2. Had about 7 people all up. Also got some free balls, some "hobby" 40+ orange & white, a couple of 40 orange, and some hobby mixed multicolour and single colour non orange or white. Still deciding what to do with those last. :) Organizing next week's end of year lunch - looks like we will have 10 or 11 - just need to put in final figures at the restaurant in a day or 2.

Played at the club.

First up was J? who almost always serves long with top spin to set up his flat hit next shot. He took a game then I tightened up to win 2-1.

Then I played CJ, a lefty looping pen holder. In the first game I was down 6-10 and I think he was celebrating a little early as I made it back to 10-10 then won after 2 or 3 deuces. We played 2 matches and I think it was 3-0, 3-0.

Next was DZ a lefty looping shakehand. He usually wants to use something other than DF V40+ against me. He had an oldish Stag 40+ seamless so we hit up for a little while. He got away quite well in the first game but again I managed to reel him in. 3-0 to me.

Then I had a hit with R? We did pushing for a while first with his forehand, then with his backhand, then I started mixing in gentle top spins that he had to decide what spin was coming to him and what he would try to do with it. He felt that it was useful, and I felt useful giving him the opportunity to train.

Lastly was ?? (bad I know that I don't know his name) a mostly forehand pen hold hitter. The first few rallies in the warm up ended with me spraying them way off the table. Anyway things changed when we started playing. He hit a few past me through speed, but if I was able to get enough spin it flummoxed him. 3-0.

Still waiting to see what will happen with the big thing I mentioned earlier that the committee is dealing with ahead of the acquittal report for the grant for the new tables at the community centre. I'd love to say more but ...

Author:  Retriever [ 18 Dec 2018, 06:44 ]
Post subject:  Re: Retrieving not chopping (comments welcome)

Had our end of year lunch at a restaurant for the regulars at the community centre, followed by play some time later. I was hoping for a more stellar turn out given how many we had at the lunch, but it was what it was. Another year finished at the community centre. We start up again on the first Saturday in February next year.

Turned up at the club last night and it was popular, I think because many other clubs have already shut down. PU, a Brazilian pen holder has been inviting other Brazilians to play and we would have had 4-5 last night, also GR (Brazilian pen holder) from another club.

Started off playing AF who hasn't played for a while and won 2-1 (was up 2-0 and played the 3rd). Next was CJ, a lefty attacker who is also a level 1 coach. He had his chances but I managed 3-0 after a couple of come from behind game wins. DZ & I played MD & PU in doubles. I think we lost. I gave a young Brazilian girl a hit. She figured that she was to blame for the majority of the Brazilians coming as she had been looking for somewhere to do some training. I corrected her on her illegal serve (starting and contacting the ball over the table), and gave her some practice without trying to show off (too much).

Last of all GR (RC 1553 +-47) v me (RC 1379 +-83). I got the 1st game. He had forgotten how I play. It got to 1-1, then I got the 3rd. He wasn't taking my shots seriously. I got the next one for 3-1. He then got the next one for 3-2, and then I got the last one for 4-2. Some players who lose in a best of 3 will then want to continue to best of 5 then best of 7 and so on. I suspect that if he had won the 6th game we would have played the 7th. He also asked me if I was going to be there on Thursday, so I suspect that he will hammer me then.

Author:  Retriever [ 21 Dec 2018, 06:48 ]
Post subject:  Re: Retrieving not chopping (comments welcome)

Played for the last time this year at the club. GR was a no-show.

First up played T?, a pen hold forehand player. After warming up his forehand with my back hand, we played and I won 3-0.

Then a new lower player, R? who I basically fished and lobbed against. He had this really bad habit of deciding that a shot he was going to play was going to be with his fore hand no matter what, while he had a reasonable back hand. 3-0.

Next was EC, the long pimples / short pimples twiddler. He got the first game quite easily, then I won the 2nd to 9 or something. In the 3rd he got away from me and stayed ahead for 1-2.

CJ was next. He hates it that any lucky shots go my way. 2-0 as he was quite tired.

Last was a return match with EC, with the reverse result- 2-1.

Nothing much for me till the club re-opens 14th January next year. I will be trying to get new rubbers as my current set up is a little over 2 years old Waiting for Pinky to get T05H, so hope to get that one side and "ordinary" T05 the other.

I will update my fairy tale in the lounge as and when events unfold ...

Author:  Retriever [ 24 Dec 2018, 14:46 ]
Post subject:  Re: Retrieving not chopping (comments welcome)

Got my Christmas present today. Went to Pinky's palace and got T05 max & T05 Hard max put on my blade. Also got a couple of pairs of socks for someone to give me tomorrow :)

I took the old rubbers off and unfortunately there were a few small splinters left on the rubbers :( I decided to push ahead anyway.

Then Pinky's offsider tried putting the tenergies on using some sort of competing manufacture's product. They wouldn't stay on the blade. I (badly) trimmed one of the rubbers.

Then Pinky arrived back at his palace and removed the glue, lightly sanded the blade, and used a WBG, employing a hair dryer to expedite the glue drying. He also retrimmed the rubber that I had already trimmed.

Now I have to wait for the 14th of January, exactly 3 weeks away to try them out. They tell me patience is a virtue.

Author:  haggisv [ 24 Dec 2018, 19:58 ]
Post subject:  Re: Retrieving not chopping (comments welcome)

Retriever wrote:
Then Pinky's offsider tried putting the tenergies on using some sort of competing manufacture's product. They wouldn't stay on the blade. I (badly) trimmed one of the rubbers.

I'm curious what that was... unless it's an old type (VOC) glue?

Author:  Retriever [ 25 Dec 2018, 09:36 ]
Post subject:  Re: Retrieving not chopping (comments welcome)

DHS of some description.

Author:  Retriever [ 08 Jan 2019, 10:52 ]
Post subject:  Re: Retrieving not chopping (comments welcome)

On Saturday morning was persuaded to go to the PCYC with eldest son. He didn't have his new setup with him so I didn't take mine :(. We took a pair of old Halex bats, smooth one side and sponged pimple the other. When I say smooth, I mean that the pimple side had more friction than the smooth side. We got there not long after it opened and played on the table left set up in what I would call the vestibule, though now they have a number of barriers to sort of section it off from passers by to the change rooms, toilets and multi-purpose rooms. The string from the net has disappeared so floppy net syndrome, and the ceiling has skylights so we moved the table when direct sunlight hit it. So we hit in a sort of hard bat style for a while before CJ (who lives across the road from the PCYC) turned up with a return board. My son gave him a hit for a while before we went back to hitting then I gave CJ a 5-10 minute hit. I was purely pushing and chopping with the gungey old bat against him, while he was hitting his 2nd loop into the net.

I am hoping to use my bat with new rubbers down at the PCYC tonight which has some sort of competition on, mostly beginners according to CJ, all things being equal.

Author:  Retriever [ 09 Jan 2019, 06:38 ]
Post subject:  Re: Retrieving not chopping (comments welcome)

All things were not equal for trying my new rubbers last night. It was not meant to be.
<slightly OT>My formerly estranged son who I had a "hardbat hit" with last weekend is again estranged. He turned up yesterday at our home after being told the previous day not to. After giving him an early dinner (and before I got home from work), when my wife gave him a lift to the station he would not get out of the car so she called the police. He stayed in the car until they turned up then got out and left my wife feeling foolish with the police and not a little upset. When she got home, after a while with her blessing I went to the PCYC. I got there an hour after starting time and they had a record turn up and had already done the draw so didn't want my money. So I went home </slightly OT>.

Author:  Retriever [ 15 Jan 2019, 10:43 ]
Post subject:  Re: Retrieving not chopping (comments welcome)

The club restarted for the new year last night. I managed to get there more or less on time and helped set up then had a hit.

First up was A? a forehand penholder smasher. While missing some shots (reasonably straightforward pushes and forehand fishes, I was still able to prevail. I also had a hit with J?, a new guy, and had a doubles. I then had a match with GR, a penhold looper, who smashed me 3-11, followed by me getting a lucky net to win the 2nd game at deuce. The 3rd game was very similar to the first. He wanted to go best of 5, but as there were people waiting I said no. Following this I played PU who I beat comfortably.

As there were a few spare tables I helped pack 1 or 2 up.

I suppose it is time to update my equipment now that I have used it in anger. The T05Hard looks more suited for my forehand while the T05 will go to my backhand.

Author:  Retriever [ 18 Jan 2019, 11:00 ]
Post subject:  Re: Retrieving not chopping (comments welcome)

2nd outing with the new rubbers ... Played a couple of lower grade players, one of whom I beat to 0 in one game. Usually I give the mercy point a couple of points from the end, but somehow this didn't happen. Then I played EC (long pimples / short pimples combo) and lost 1-2. Was up in the first game playing no spin table tennis then lost. Won the 2nd playing more my usual game. Lost the 3rd I don't know how. I did miss a few due to the new rubber. Played CJ last - he got a game against me then played an extra so I won 3-1. He apparently wins against EC by playing long top spin drives, and finds him easier to play than me.

Talked with a fellow officiator in between games and gave him my membership fee for the umpire's association as the community centre table tennis will be reopening on the same date and time as the umpires AGM :(

Author:  Retriever [ 22 Jan 2019, 10:58 ]
Post subject:  Re: Retrieving not chopping (comments welcome)

3rd outing with new rubbers ...
1st up played a recreational player whose father is a lower level regular. We just hit for a while then I asked her if she wanted to practice anything in particular, but she was happy to just hit till the table next to us came off.

Next was JC, who beat me to 5 in the first, then we got to deuce in the 2nd but he got the game to 13 I think. Still missing a few shots.

Then was MD who beat me pretty easily in all 3 games. He commented after the game that I was merely guiding the ball back on with the forehand T05H.

For both of these players who are around my level, missing some shots, particularly pushes, chops and forehand fishes was punishing.

Almost lastly was a doubles between myself & JC vs MD & PU. JC and I won 3-0, with me putting away a forehand smash as the final point. In the warm up my forehand was working reasonably OK for 60-70% strength smashes, so go figure.

Lastly was a match with J?, a lower level player which was a 3-0 to me.

In other news ...

I have been trying to obtain 3* 40+ Orange balls for the white walled community centre, and had exchanged texts to get some sent to my home address. I received the package last week, opening it on the weekend. They were DHS 3* 40+ with Ding Ning on the box and a white ball picured. I opened 2 of the 5 boxes and the balls inside were white as well. The distributor apologised and is (hopefully) sending out the proper Orange balls, with the white to be returned manyana.

Also I accepted a donation of rec-level balls late last year at the community centre and will be giving them to the PCYC tonight as they give them out with loaner bats to casual players.

The local umpires association has had the temerity to schedule its AGM at the same date & time as the community centre restarting after the summer holidays, so I have given my apologies (and my membership fee).

Author:  Retriever [ 23 Jan 2019, 10:54 ]
Post subject:  Re: Retrieving not chopping (comments welcome)

Went to the PCYC, ostensibly to hand over the balls (well that's what I told my wife :)), but also to play in their little best of 3 round robin comp. The PCYC guy on duty both ran it and played in it. First up I played CJ. We were hitting up, him giving me pointers on my forehand drive and blocking for me and then we played. 2-0 to me fairly comfortably. The rest of the games were a bit of a blur with 2 exceptions.

One guy was blatantly serving illegally by dropping the ball out of the back of his hand then hitting it. After a couple of points where I was fixated by the sheer illegality, I ignored the illegality and just looked at the contact. Still 2-0. Another guy was not too bad, but I just kept getting the ball back with too much spin for him.

At the end an oriental lady, probably because I went through undefeated, asked me to hit with her, so I did for a few minutes, then went home.

Author:  Retriever [ 24 Jan 2019, 10:43 ]
Post subject:  Re: Retrieving not chopping (comments welcome)

There was a package waiting for me when I got home from work last night. With feelings of great trepidation, I opened it and was pleasantly surprised by the sight of 5 Ding Ning boxes of DHS D40+ balls with the picture of the ball on the box being orange. (BTW the previous balls were also D40+, forgot the D). I opened one of the boxes and, yes, you guessed it, the balls were actually ... orange. I can hardly wait to try them at the community centre, but of course I will have to.

Playing again tonight at the club. Won't have to wait too long for that. Will try to practice the shots I am having a little trouble with given the new rubbers.

Author:  Retriever [ 25 Jan 2019, 10:57 ]
Post subject:  Re: Retrieving not chopping (comments welcome)

Played MD first up, who is arguably the best regular player at the moment. Orthodox back hand dominant all rounder. Not the best match up for me when cold, although I seem to warm up better than most I play with, but he had had a match previous to playing me. Still missing too many and as a result too tentative. 1-2 to him.

Then was a hit with JH. I tried for good form on my forehand while not neglecting the backhand.

While waiting, and as I had spare cash on me I registered through IF and his lap top to national level ... $A120 later. It is "only" $A12 for social level, a 20% increase that I will have to impose at the community centre when we reopen. IF told me that even with the increase, the state is losing money - with the national body charging for social level this year along with the costs as per previous years, so the state is being squeezed in the middle, not wanting to put the social level charge up by more.

Next was IF 3-0 to me. He is a combo player with spinny on the forehand and DTECS or Daewoo pimples on the back hand. Seems that the new rubber does not affect me too much with his game.

CJ then wanted a match with me. For some reason he thinks that a different ball will give him an advantage. The club supplies Double Fish V40+ but he brought out NP40+. 3-0 to me. He doesn't seem to like any side spin whatsoever and my push / chop spin / float seems to get him as well (when it stayed on the table :) ).

Lastly was a relative newcomer, H?. He serves like he was trained and loops similarly. With my unique retriever with spin game it was 3-0 to me.

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