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PostPosted: 03 Mar 2020, 14:34 
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FH: Spinny stuff
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azv wrote:
skilless_slapper wrote:
I've been using spectol blue 1.5 for chopping now, which is a bit less spinny than the ssc you have. I think those are easier to float/push low spin than with the spinnier stuff, but harder to add more spin with smaller movements.

How is the spectol blue compared with other versions of spectol for chopping? I think Hang Ying used spectol blue aswell

I bought a ton of the other spectols a good while ago... 21, soft, red and all that. But never chopped with them too much, aside from the spectol red as a forehand rubber on an offensive setup.

To me, the blue topsheet feels a bit more grippy than the old spectols. I don't have any trouble generating spin with it, in fact it seems easier for me to create spin with blue than the older versions. I also got it because of Han Ying!

I've used LP mainly over the last 2 years now, so the muscle memory kinks are as to be expected. I like the harder sponge on spectol blue, coming from OX LP. Scrubs off a good bit of spin, but will send balls sailing long and all that good stuff if you're not careful. I think the blue has less bounce to it than the red, and is similar to the spectol regular version. However, I use it on a slow and fairly flexible 5.0mm blade... so that does affect the rubber's characteristics quite a bit.

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PostPosted: 03 Mar 2020, 23:59 
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Lorre wrote:
How does the control compare between P1-R and SSPC I when it comes to heavy slow loops and fast spinny ones? In the sens of absorbing the power of the ball?

Obviously everything I say comes with a big grain of salt since my level is much lower than yours, but here's what I've found in these early days:

So far control against heavy slow loops hasn't degraded as much as I expected. When I was practicing against the higher level player on Saturday, he was doing a lot of medium to fast but very spinny shots and I think most of my misses were to the side when I didn't get the racket all the way around for the stroke. The sponge on SSPC1 is the same as the sponge on P1r, I think (same bright yellow color, package says it's 55 degrees which is the same as the package for P1r says), and the sensation of the ball impacting when chopping a hard spinny loop is pretty similar. With a decent stroke I find it surprisingly easy to keep chops low and put them about where I want them, though as practice rallies went on and my partner dialed up the spin as high as he could keeping the ball low became trickier. The one thing I don't get is the sensation of pips kind of 'flinging' the ball that I'd get with a really thin slice with P1r at certain angles.

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