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Author:  KindButcher [ 05 May 2021, 21:55 ]
Post subject:  Palio TCT

Hi friends,

I'm getting a Palio TCT to match it with a frictionless anti for BH and a spinny rubber for the FH.
Being a hard & stiff blade, it should match well with frictionless antis such as

ABS 2 Evo
Barna glanti

Of course, there is the sponge thickness issue.. the higher the sponge thickness, the less the spin-reversal but on the other hand the higher the control. I rather not choose something in the middle as it feels like not maximizing either end of the spectrum.

Since I have not played with any of these flantis, I do not know whether the other end of the spectrum is still "shiny". For example, the 1.6mm storkraft's spin reversal could still be at a remarkable level and if so, it is OK to opt-in for the thickest version? The reverse could also be true, 0.8mm storkraft could still offer pretty good control so it would be better to opt-in for the thinnest version. See what I mean? I guess these come and be learned by experience unless you have a few words to share with me.

That's one side of the medallion.

I'm more puzzled on the other side though.. The FH on the Palio TCT

I'm most interested in being able to impart the max amount of spin on my serves, ( pendulum, and backspin serves )...

With that in mind, which of the following would be a better fit for the Palio TCT?

Rakza 7 soft 2.0mm
Victas VS-401 1.5mm
Hurricane 3 Neo 2.15

Short of not having the experiences, my 2 cents on this is as follows:

Being a fast blade, a soft rubber-like Rakza 7 SOFT should offer more dwell time and therefore import more spin than the other two.

1. is it better to go with the max spin reversal and sacrifice the control on the flantis OR go the other way?
2. which of the 3 FH rubbers mentioned above should impart more spin on the PALIO TCT?

Thank you

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