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The Reb Report! (comments welcome)
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Author:  RebornTTEvnglist [ 05 Mar 2009, 15:10 ]
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Thought for a minute you were offering me Jelly without the ice-cream Der! :P :lol:

Thanks mate. :wink:

Author:  haggisv [ 05 Mar 2009, 16:12 ]
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Well done Reb! I'm reading and enjoying your posts, just not always commenting/posting :wink:

Author:  RebornTTEvnglist [ 05 Mar 2009, 18:31 ]
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Thanks Haggisv, its nice to know. I know my posts are quite long and for those that have trouble with that I apologise, but I do like to document what I can remember of the games as I think I will go back and re-read them myself in time. But also I like to give anyone reading it as much idea of what went on too. I do try to make it interesting. So I hope I don't bore too many!

I would love it if more people wrote up their games. I'd be very interested to hear your match reports Haggisv, or a vid even?!! :D :D

Author:  RebornTTEvnglist [ 10 Mar 2009, 23:41 ]
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Almost pulled off a night of perfection tonight, but just couldn't quite do it. Still it was another very successful night. I won 2 singles and 2 doubles tonight, that 3rd singles would have made the biggest cleansweep ever for me. Damn the last guy I played, he was a party pooper lol.

Basically the night went like this. I arrived an hour early and had a hit up with some guys using my Donic Enforce setup. This was faster and felt better than I expected and really spinny, but I decided not play with it in comp as I haven't used it enough yet. By the time comp started the rest of my team hadn't arrived which was a little unusual and concerning. Then I noticed a friend of our team captain standing around. He had come to fill in, but not for the captain, but our younger player. This guy is well in his 60's and plays a mean penhold game. So then the team captain turned up and all was right with the world lol.

I played first against a guy I trashed last time we met 3-0, and I did it again tonight. I beat him 6,5 and 9. In the last game he got me thinking he was going to get me, but I managed to stave it off. It was a pretty uneventful match as I just moved him around and let him make the mistakes. My FH wasn't feeling on fire so I kept it in the bag.

After my teammates matches were also secured, both in 4 sets, I played doubles with the captain. We made a hash start to the first game going down 11-6. We didn't look back after this though as we won the next 3 to 6,7 and 3! Our fill in then played first in the next singles dropping one game to the guy I had already beaten.

Then my next singles was against their fill in, who just happened to be the same kid I whipped 3-0 a couple of weeks ago. I thought I was going to have another field day with him after the first 2 sets, taking them out at 5 and 2. He had a few whispers from the guy I'd beaten earlier and in the next set he came out firing. He was a different player and became much more committed to his shots and more aggressive and accurate. It took me by surprise a little as it had been a walk in the park. He won it to 6 and I figured the stakes had just been raised. So I upped my anti as well in the next and pulled out my big FH more which I'd used a couple of times successfully in the doubles. I pulled off the next set to 9 and had the match wrapped up. Also at this point we had the night wrapped up as we were 6-0 up.

The captain played their other player who I had yet to play and beat him in 3 with an 11-0 as the middle game and then the fill in and I won the second doubles also in 3 with a 4,6,9 result. So we were 8-0 up now.

The two fill ins played next and it was young versus old. The young 19 year old played really well and took out the first set 11-8. Then our fill in struck back with 11-9 to tie things up. The young player really took charge of the next game and won it 11-5. He was really looking the goods and I thought we'd have our first loss of the night. Then the old man got back on his game and took the 4th 11-8. This was the first and only 5 setter of the night and it was very tight. But then suddenly it seemed like the old man had been toying with the boy like a cat with a mouse. I don't really think he was, but he took the 5th set 11-1!! :shock: I was umpiring it, and I just kept flipping the cards on his side over and over lol.

The captain then played the guy I beat 3-0, and I expected him to whitewash him. I couldn't believe it when I looked and saw the guy was 1-1 in the set score with him. I watched more carefully then and the guy was smacking some mean balls away, but the consistency and tenacity of our captain won over in the end. The final result to us here was 0,-8, 9 & 7.

So we were 10-0 up and now I had the last match to play against a little guy who just has this awkward style of game for me. He won 3-1 against me last time and I was hoping I could turn it around. After the first game this wasn't looking like turning out for me as I went down in an epic battle with him 15-13. I thought lady luck just didn't want to swing my way. But I backed up my stops and went into the next game head first. It was another race for the finish line and this time I was the victor at 11-8. In the next set I was again in the hunt, but lost my foothold on the game near the end going down 11-7. I was so determined to not lose this last match and ruin a perfect score, but I guess he was just as determined to not have a perfect loss either lol. We exchanged blows again in the 4th set and for a time in the middle of the set I felt I had worked a few things out with him. I moved him around a lot and we had quite a few long tight rallies, and I was driving him into error. But then he was doing the same back to me. I know I put a few too many in the net for my liking. Anyway we got to 8 all, and I was hanging on as best I could, knowing death was lurking. And then he somehow took out the next 3 points on me and my chances crashed. So once again he defeated me 3-1. Drat!

Couldn't be too unhappy about a 10-1 win though. Especially as on the next table to us the ladder leaders had just been trounced by the 2nd bottom team 9-2!! The same team we beat last week 9-2. So we have now regained first position on the ladder and it augurs well for us that the leaders had a stumble. Now they are still a very formidable opponent and we will have to treat them with the utmost respect when we meet them in 2 weeks. However, it does mean that we are almost a certainty to be in the final now with 3 rounds to go. If we lost all 3 we could drop out, but with the team holding up the ladder being our last team to play I think that's unlikely. In fact we play against 3rd next week, and if we win then we cannot be outed from the final.

So all in all, I'd call that a pretty good night's TT! :wink:

Author:  dwruck [ 11 Mar 2009, 00:13 ]
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Wow, that sure sounds like it's a fun, full night of t.t. action. Congrats on both your individual and team results!

Author:  antipip [ 11 Mar 2009, 00:16 ]
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Reb: With a year out and that injury you're not supposed to go up a grade and do well too.

I can't move well enough to play at my old level, though weirdly because I can't move as well as I used to when I've knocked against players of my level I've done fine, my defence is awful, but I'm hitting more often and better. I'm having to commit to coming in and hitting as I can't get back out as well as I used to.

What's changed for you Reb: Are you more relaxed, more aggressive?

Author:  Skull [ 11 Mar 2009, 00:29 ]
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dam reb, looks like I was half right when i said you have a new leg, seems you also have a new arm, leg and game sence! :P

to go up a class and play like you are is amazing, im loving the reports once again

Author:  RebornTTEvnglist [ 11 Mar 2009, 00:43 ]
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Yeah I was even told by the doc not to play in too high a grade lol. It was quite accidental that I ended up playing up a grade. Funny thing is if we win the final, I'll be up another grade again! :oops: :lol: :lol:

I'm definitely not moving as well as before I did my achilles. And with crook knee as well, moving has its problems. I play way too close to the table because I think mentally I fear not being able to reach a short ball quickly enough. Its illogical, because I'm generally in a worse position than if I stand back. My captain has been trying to get me to stand a step away from the table saying look its just one step in, but the feet just don't want to risk being that far away. I do have to be careful as a sharp movement can do the achilles some damage, and the knee can buckle at any time (and has done over the past 20 odd years). So I just have to wear the lack of movement, but I am trying to learn to move better into position without risk to myself. Perhaps focussing on this has helped me improve.

I have to give credit to 3 pieces of equipment. The Cayman, the Palio and the Omega II. This combo is quite lethal I find, as its ultra light and easy to maneuvre, yet as powerful as the Hurricane King was, if not more. I think the Palio has given me better consistency and given my opponents more trouble. I'm nowhere near where my game could be yet as I still need to work a lot more courage and accuracy into my game that supports me when I'm under pressure. I think I hit more FH smashes in than I missed tonight and none of them came back, but I didn't go for as many as I should have because of the ones I missed.

I had 2 games with a guy from B1 before we had others join us on the table prior to comp starting tonight. This guy has a very smooth game, and I was using the Enforce which I wasn't used to. He creamed me 11-5 in the first, and I beat him 11-9 in the second. I know I am playing competitively and I'm not unhappy with my progress, I just don't like losing matches I should win, like the last one I played tonight. And I don't like being afraid to put the ball away, which only really happens when I start having a few misses. At the same time, I recognise a good player knows to temper their game when things are not working in order to make the points in other ways to stay in the match.

So to answer what's changed, I think maybe my approach has changed a little, my equipment has definitely changed, and I must admit my belief in myself has probably improved. I think when I truly believe I will win, I do, or come very close. I think there was too much pressure playing guy I knew had beaten me when I was trying to take an 11-0 win for the team and I lost the true belief I would win the game. Although I was really tryiing to convince myself I wouldn't lol. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Author:  RebornTTEvnglist [ 11 Mar 2009, 00:58 ]
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Actually, its just dawned on me what the main factor is in my TT success right now...its not wanting to come back and report total failures to you guys! :roll: :twisted: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Author:  RebornTTEvnglist [ 17 Mar 2009, 22:13 ]
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There'll be no more Reb reports.

Author:  Skull [ 17 Mar 2009, 23:11 ]
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RebornTTEvnglist wrote:
There'll be no more Reb reports.

why? dont tell me season is over :(

Author:  quelis [ 18 Mar 2009, 03:53 ]
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Hi Reb

Hey! Why in earth? Has someone picked on you? Tell me who :pain10: I want a have some words ...

Author:  Skull [ 18 Mar 2009, 07:28 ]
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ah, I think I figured out why theres no more:

RebornTTEvnglist wrote:
Actually, its just dawned on me what the main factor is in my TT success right now...its not wanting to come back and report total failures to you guys! :roll: :twisted: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

reb lost a match, no?

Author:  RebornTTEvnglist [ 18 Mar 2009, 17:15 ]
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Skull you're right, in fact I lost 2. But really I just wanted to see who would miss my reports if there were no more.

Seems like you and Quelis will miss them, so perhaps I should just PM them lol.

Oh and the team lost last night as well, so we were on top of the ladder again for just one week. The team that's back on top beat the bottom team 6-5 to regain the position. We lost to 3rd 7-4 with our regular 3rd player out again. Our fill-in (team captain's son) didn't manage to win a game (including the doubles with his Dad which went 11-9 in 5th set). Funnily enough I lost to the team's weakest player and beat their strongest player 3-1, with an 11-1 in the last set. A reverse of last time. Also won my doubles with team Captain 3-1. I went down 3-1 in both lost singles.

Author:  Skull [ 18 Mar 2009, 18:06 ]
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at least i guess it right lol

tough to take a loss however you cant win them all (unless you're the 1974 miami dolphins, which you're not :P )

just keep posting them up reb, we all like to read them, even if only 2 people wanted to know why lol

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