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PostPosted: 23 Sep 2022, 16:00 
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0x556c69 wrote:
boz wrote:
As for being at your best using it.... nah. If you were best with a ready made bat and tried something with more spin capability and said nope I can't play my game with that.... You are giving up POSSIBILITY.

There was a kid who came in with super dead topsheet rubbers playing a 'tennis style' (the head coach told me) I took the kid to the box of blades and gave him hurricanes that were a ton grippier and I said stop trying to play the same way you were with that blade. Just get it on the table till you understand it. This is not tennis.

I disagree. Table tennis is not about equipment. If it was, there would be an 'ideal' setup. But even at pro level you're finding pronounced differences (tensor/chinese tacky, pips/smooth, shakehand/penholder, you name it). The equipment has to suit the user. As an example take Falck: he has been switched to short pips, because for him speed was beeing more effective than spin. Do you think, Ma Long would be king of table tennis with short pips?

If I look at my current setup, I'm biased. I don't really like the touch, despite the blade beeing a bit too fast offensive strokes are taking too much energy, I'm missing the bite of H3 on serves, the defensive rubber beeing quite harmless and depending on situation I am helpless - but overall I get decent results. In fact way better than with H3 or modern offensive rubbers, rubbers allowing spin manipulation or offering disrupting effects at backhand and slower blades. So is this my right setup? No idea - and I'm suppressing the urge to look for it. At least at the moment...

Not sure if you are disagreeing with me or the whole topic = see title of the thread.

I will just reiterate:

A kid comes in full of energy, huge strokes attempting to topspin with rubbers that would have been grippy once upon a time. However it looked like he got that bat from someone so he has probably never experienced grippy rubber. The coach was advising him to use this set up vs my idea that he should at least try to use grippy rubbers.

Totally fine if you have given inverted a chance to show you what it can do. Especially this kid who is standing back from the table with a style that looks like he has been starved for equipment that will allow him to attack the way he is intending. Counter-looping strokes back from the table with massive amounts of energy wasted with 'anti-spin' rubber continuously is kind of ridiculous (even if it were possible 1% of the time). Sorry.

I think it is essential to trial all the major types of equipment before settling. A 5-minute missing fest does not count.

Watch me playing TT


PostPosted: 16 Oct 2022, 07:32 
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I am never sure when the a setup is right, but I only have to compare two very similar setups: new small change and the last best known so far.

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