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PostPosted: 18 Oct 2017, 06:08 
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Could you please explain me the term ' quick and fast long push' ?
I am confused to understand it.

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PostPosted: 18 Oct 2017, 22:36 
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Is this something like Dead and Heavy ball ? :lol: :rofl:

As a beginner-level player I can say --> quick === fast

early and long push <====== meet the ball early as it rises up, lift and push ball to land on white-base line on the other side.

early/ peak ( high-point) / late contact<---- you can meet the ball at these height-levels and get different effects.

short/mid/long push <------- if you want to play a very safe push, push short with a little lift. You will use the momentum and spin of the incoming ball to send it back "somewhere" safe on the table, usually the centre. If you mistake the spin ---> ball will either rise up/ brush the net/ go left/go right but will almost always stay on the table but close to the net.

I'm just a beginner so others can explain a lot more about "quick and fast push" :-)

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PostPosted: 19 Oct 2017, 11:13 
I am Legend
I am Legend
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It refers to a push performed with a fast action and good contact, so that the push flies straight with speed and backspin towards the table rather than slow and arcing like a regular push.

Think: chopping the ball down at the table, instead of trying to bump push or brush skim it so it drops.

Chasse Patate

PostPosted: 19 Oct 2017, 12:12 
Goes to 11
Goes to 11
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Yeah, a long, fast push with heavy underspin, usually to the corners, sometimes to the elbow. The opposite would be a short, slow push with heavy underspin (these would ideally bounce twice, but it's hard to achieve). Pushes should never have weak underspin, unless you can disguise them to look like they have heavy underspin. This with inverted rubber.


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