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PostPosted: 21 Mar 2008, 00:45 
Count Darkula
Count Darkula
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Hey MM,
Our team will be third on the ladder I think after this week in the 2 man comp. In the 3 man comp as described above we are also 3rd on ladder, possibly sneaking into 2nd. The 2 man has semi and grand finals, but the 3 man only has grand final between the top 2 teams. I have no illusions in the 2 man comp though. There are 3 teams that are much, much stronger than us (even if we did beat one of them due to the forfeited games). We are only 4 games into the season and we are 3-1 up. The one we lost, we lost badly. Each night has 35 points available (7 pts per game x 4 singles and 1 doubles). As we lost all games 4-0 except one singles I won 4-0, they got 28 and we got 7. Season is 14 weeks plus finals, so a long way to go. The 3 man comp has only 2 weeks to go and we are 5-3. So if we win next 2 we should make final (I hope). We have won last 4 straight.

If we make the semi-final in 2 man comp, we will have done as much as we can for the season, as the grand final places will be battled for by these 3 teams. Even if we remain in 3rd for the whole season, which is unlikely, when we come to the finals the standard of the other players will most likely overcome us. I'm not being negative, just realistic. You see my teammate gets flattened by just about everyone this season. Its not that he's a bad player, he just doesn't have the experience against different styles of games and spin. He'll need at least this season to come to terms with it.

Its funny, he and I play and we are about level in wins against each other. But in the comp he has beaten only 2 players out of 7 we have played each. Whereas I have beaten 6 of them. Why? Because I play a spin game and use the pips, which gives most players difficulty. He on the other hand plays a straight hitting game. He's a fairly good hitter, but it doesn't trouble people as much, and if he is off a bit, he goes down hard.

Its quite a good lesson for people choosing styles actually, because when you see him thrashing it out with someone and the rallys get to an all out slog against each other its pretty spectacular. Then I get up against them. I spin and push and it looks kind of wishy washy, but it wins points. When I smash, they rarely come back. Its just always been my game to choose my times to smash and put my all into them. So I don't get into hitting rallys much. So if my smashes are on and I get to play my natural game, I can win pretty easily. If my smashes are off and I'm relying on opponents errors I can still win, but its slower. But I can also lose easy too. Especially if I lose confidence in myself, which is so easy to do.

So how many in your team? It sounds like 4 is it? How does your comp work then? Law is your best player I assume? I don't know why you are going to double inverted but it has its pluses and minuses. If you have a strong BH attacking stroke it can pay dividends (although pips will still give advantages a smooth rubber won't). You haven't said your record this season, just the teams. And which grade did you play last season and how did you go? I think you would crap all over me anyway, LOL.

I'm always in the dark, but the Dark sheds lights upon everything!! :twisted: Beauty is only pimple deep! Beauty is in the eye of the pipholder!
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PostPosted: 21 Mar 2008, 12:09 
Mars Attacks!
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Well done Rtte,

sounds like you might be in the real mix for playing finals in each of your comps, good luck in advance. I am guessing your 3 man team plays in the Dandy comp, do you mind me asking which grade & team you play with I would like to keep an interested eye on the result board. With the comps being spread over Mon & Tues nights its hard to get to know other players and keep a track of how they are going.

cheers & happy Easter


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