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PostPosted: 25 Feb 2020, 15:08 
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Goes to 11
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Some time ago I posted this on that long TTEdge thread. The problem there is that there is a lot of traffic, a lot of things get discussed and everyone moves onto the newest discussion.


iskandar taib wrote:

.. stuff about MX-K deleted..

Since this isn't an equipment topic, I'll ask a question about technique here. Some decades ago, our University club paid Danny Seemiller to come down for one night and coach us. Danny came down with Ricky and one or two others. Among the bits of advice I still remember to this day was about elbow position - it depends on where you wish to hit the ball. For a forehand topspin drive, to hit the ball cross-court (i.e. from right to left) you'd lift your elbow, hold it away from the body. To hit the ball down the line, or to hit a "fade" (or, in golfing terms, a "slice") you'd move your elbow closer to the body. For a backhand, it's the opposite - elbow close to the body for a cross-court shot and away from the body for a shot down the line.

Any comments? Is this still something that is taught today, or is varying elbow position discouraged altogether? Danny said this is something lower level players fail to do because they usually just hit cross-court.


Anyhow... I took some screen shots, they come from this video:

The point is to see if Ito-san holds her elbow in when hitting forehands from left to right (i.e. inside out) and holds it away from her body when going from right to left (crosscourt). I'll do likewise later on for her backhand, and with other videos and players.

First, right to left:

Elbow-crosscourt-forehand2 3-48 .jpg
Elbow-crosscourt-forehand2 3-48 .jpg [ 23.97 KiB | Viewed 296 times ]

Elbow-crosscourt-forehand3 0-31 .jpg
Elbow-crosscourt-forehand3 0-31 .jpg [ 26.97 KiB | Viewed 296 times ]

Elbow-crosscourt-forehand4 0-58 .jpg
Elbow-crosscourt-forehand4 0-58 .jpg [ 28.88 KiB | Viewed 296 times ]

Now left to right:

Elbow-insideout-forehand1 3-07 .jpg
Elbow-insideout-forehand1 3-07 .jpg [ 24.05 KiB | Viewed 296 times ]

Elbow-insideout-forehand2 3-11 .jpg
Elbow-insideout-forehand2 3-11 .jpg [ 28.11 KiB | Viewed 296 times ]

I think she does hold her elbow in hitting left-to-right and out when going right to left.



PostPosted: 25 Feb 2020, 16:30 
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Thanks Iskandar, finally a valuable non-equipment tip!

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