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Forehand Anti Players
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Author:  peterpong [ 28 Aug 2016, 23:35 ]
Post subject:  Re: Forehand Anti Players

my game has recently transformed by using yasaka a/p on the b/h-it plays like an inverted.
i like huge control on the f/h and can loop and flat hit with care.im trying various different rubbers and may try yasaka a/p.
i have tried or im going to try
dr evil/spinlord waran/joola tango ultra,spin pips.gambler ref
im currently using very soft slow s/p but i can generate my own power.

Author:  peterpong [ 29 Aug 2016, 05:38 ]
Post subject:  Re: Forehand Anti Players

mynamenotbob wrote:

The chopper has Tibhar Grass (OX) on his backhand and Yasaka AntiPower on his forehand.

BOB can you remember how you knew that this guy played a/p on f/h

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