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Switch-hitting in table tennis: Possible?
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Author:  lasta [ 24 Oct 2019, 16:53 ]
Post subject:  Re: Switch-hitting in table tennis: Possible?

nathanso wrote:
As en epilogue, switching to lefty never worked for me. While I saw some early gains and could eventually do basic FH rallies with an opponent, I was still miles from being able to play even the most basic point left-handed. My avulsed right coracoid is purportedly something that some people live with long term, so I'm attempting that for a while; an ugly shoulder surgery with 6-months of rehab being the alternative. In the mean time, I'm back to playing righty.

Sorry to hear about your injury. Hope you can still enjoy the sport and play effectively without further aggravating the shoulder.

Personally, I work up a sweat just trying to use a mouse left handed, let alone trying to play that way!

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